AcctVantage ERP Single User

There are times when it is necessary to run a utility or do a process in "single user mode" in AcctVantage.  Single user simply refers to AcctVantage running in a stand-alone environment rather than using the AV Server application and a desktop/mobile client.

The Single User application may also be copied to a laptop or desktop computer, along with a copy of your company data file.  This would allow you to work on new processes, train new staff or take a snapshot of the data with you on the road.

Note: There is not a 'merge' function, any data entry done in the copy of the data file will not be present in the 'live' system.

1. Quit or Shut Down AcctVantage Server

Instruct all users to log off of AcctVantage and then Quit or shut down the AcctVantage ERP Server application.  It is not necessary to shut down the server hardware.  

2. Launch AcctVantage Single User

On your AcctVantage Server computer, go to the Applications folder and locate the AcctVantage ERP Server folder.  Inside this folder you will see a "Single User" folder containing the AcctVantage application.  Double click to launch the Single User application.  

You may log in with your normal user name and password though most utilities require that you log in as "Administrator"

3. Selecting a Data File

If an alert is presented referring to the data file not being found, click on OPEN and then navigate to your company data file. By default, your company data file is located inside the AcctVantage ERP Server folder though your administrator may have chosen to save it to another location.  If you are unsure if you've selected the correct data file, it is a good idea to review recent transactions (sales orders) to see if you have the most recent data set.

AcctVantage data files have a .4DD file extension.

3. Selecting a Data File

4. Relaunching AcctVantage Server

Once you have completed your task using AcctVantage Single User, you may simply Quit/Shut Down the single user application and then relaunch the AcctVantage Server application.  Your changes to the data file will have been saved automatically.