Client / Server Timeout Settings

1. Open the Database Settings window.

Navigate to the File menu ➤ Database Settings.

Open the Database Settings window.

2. Change the Client-Server Connections Timeout setting.

  1. Select the Client-server tab.
  2. Move the slider for Client-Server Connection Timeout to the right.
  • In most cases it's best to keep this all the way to the right at the Unlimited setting.
  • This will help ensure that the AV Client does not get dropped after a period of network inactivity (disconnection) or if the computer goes to sleep.

Click OK to save the setting.


This setting does not monitor a User's interaction with AcctVantage; it monitors if the connection is live.  In other words, if a User walks away from the computer the connection is still 'live' even if the User hasn't clicked or typed anything in the allotted time.