Connecting with an AV Client not on the local network

In order to connect to the AV server using an AV Client that is not on the local network, you'll need a few pieces of information from the server.

  • IP Address
  • Publication Name
  • Port Number

In addition to the above info, you also may need to allow connections through a firewall, port-forwarding, or other network hardware configuration options.

AcctVantage Support does not support network hardware configurations.

1. Collect the AV server info

1.1. IP Address

Go to the AV Server and look at the main AV Server Administration window. On the left-hand side under System Information, make a note of the IP Address.

If you see more than one IP Address here, it's likely that your server is broadcasting itself more than once (e.g. via ethernet and wifi).

AcctVantage Server - Administration

1.2. Publication Name and Port Number

Go to the Client-server settings and make a note of the Publication Name and Port Number.

The default settings are listed below, however you are free to change these if you need to. If you do change these settings, you'll need to save this window before the new values take effect.

  • Publication Name: AcctVantage ERP Server
  • Port Number: 19813

To access this screen:

  • macOS: Go to File > Database Settings > Client-server
  • Windows OS: Go to Edit > Database Settings > Client-server
AcctVantage Server - Client-server settings

2. Connect the AV Client to the server

Double-click to launch the AV Client and immediately hold down the Alt (Windows) key or Option (macOS) key. If you did this correctly, you'll see the Connection to 4D Server dialog below.

Enter the Database Name (i.e. Publication Name) and the Network Address (i.e. IP Address:Port Number). If you're unsure on how to enter this info, there are examples directly below the Network Address field. The first two examples are the most common.

Click OK to connect.

AV Client - Connection to 4D Server