Use AcctVantage with Windows Firewall

If you are running your AcctVantage Server on Windows OS and you have Windows Firewall enabled, then you will need to allow access through the firewall.

If you have previously allowed AcctVantage through the firewall, you will need to update the Inbound Rule after each AV Server upgrade. Skip to Step #3.

1. Open the Control Panel

Open the Control Panel, navigate to Windows Firewall and then select Advanced Settings.

2. Create a new firewall rule

In the left-hand sidebar, select Inbound Rules. In the right-hand sidebar, under Actions, select New Rule...

2.1. Rule Type

Select Program as the type of firewall rule. Click Next to proceed.

2.2. Program

Now you'll need to identify the AcctVantage program. Select This program path, then click the Browse button and navigate to the AcctVantage Server application. The path should look like this example below (replace AV 2020_0_10.exe with the version of AV server you are using).

C:\AcctVantage ERP Server\Server\AV 2020_0_10.exe

Click Next to proceed.

2.3. Action

For the Action, select Allow the connection. Click Next to proceed.

2.4. Profile

Unless you have a compelling reason to change the Profile settings, you can just leave them at their defaults. Click Next to proceed.

2.5. Name

Give the firewall rule a name that you can easily recall (description is optional). Click Finish to complete setting up the firewall rule.

2.6. Inbound firewall rule has been created.

When you're finished, you'll see the rule in the list under Inbound Rules. At this point you are done and you can start the AcctVantage Server application.

3. Modify an existing firewall rule after upgrading AcctVantage.

If you already have an firewall rule set up for AcctVantage, you will need to update the rule after each AV Server upgrade.

To do this, open the Control Panel > Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules > right-click on the rule you want to modify and choose Properties. Go to the Programs and Services tab. Under Programs, click Browse and navigate to the new version of the AV Server exe file. Click Apply and then click OK to finish.

Now the rule has been updated for the new version of AV Server.