Inventory Balances

1. Open the Utilities window

Open the Utilities window

2. Run the Inventory Balances Utility

Run the Inventory Balances Utility

2.1. Query Editor

  • Select Part Number from the Available Fields list.
  • Select 'is equal to' from the Comparisons list.
  • Enter the Part Number in the Value field.

Note: If you want to run this utility on ALL Products, modify the query to say 'is not equal to' in the Comparisons list and leave the Value field blank.

Query Editor

3. "Print" the Inventory Rebuild Log


It is not necessary to actually print this report to physical paper. Print Preview will have the same effect.

"Print" the Inventory Rebuild Log

4. Inventory Rebuild Log

This report will show what action, if any, was taken on the Inventory items that were queried.

Inventory Rebuild Log