Connecting to AcctVantage remotely

There are several methods of connecting to your AcctVantage system remotely. These methods range from minimally complicated and inexpensive but sometimes slow, to complex and expensive, but much faster.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): VPN is typically accessible through your computer’s operating system, commonly incurring no extra cost. The exact steps for setting it up vary from one operating system to another. Search Google for “virtual private network” and the name of your operating system (e.g. Windows or Mac OS) to get the most appropriate step-by-step directions on setting this up. The disadvantage of using VPN to connect remotely is that it can be slow.

Remote One-to-One connection: Applications such as TeamViewer or LogMeIn enable a remote user to connect to a machine physically located on the home network. The user controls applications on the remote computer. The advantage this provides over using VPN alone is that all of the usual communication that takes place between the Server and Client is over the local network. The data which travels over the internet to the remotely connected user is merely screen images, which can be transmitted very quickly. The disadvantage is that for each user connecting remotely, a machine on the home network must be dedicated to their exclusive use. This can be an excessive use of hardware resources.

Remote Desktop Services (Windows) or Apple Remote Desktop (Mac): A function built into the operating system. A single machine running on the local network can serve multiple remote connections, depending on licensure. No data is transmitted, only images, so the speed is much faster. The advantage of using Remote Desktop over TeamViewer is that only one computer on the home network must be dedicated to the remote users.

Back to My Mac: This service is only available to Mac users who have an Apple ID. It uses iCloud to facilitate the remote connection and requires the same iCloud account to be used on both computers.

Third party hosted service: A 3rd-party vendor, such as Citrix can provide a hosted solution to enable many users in multiple locations to connect to a single AcctVantage Server seamlessly. This is the most expensive and complex solution, but may be most appropriate if there are large numbers of users in several different remote locations. Speed is similar to using Windows Remote Desktop.