Split a Sales Order by Warehouse

During Sales Order Entry, you can create multiple Orders from a single Order if you need to fulfill from multiple Warehouses.

1. Setup

1.1. System Configuration setting

To use this feature, you will first need to enable it.

Go to Administration > System Configuration and select Sales Document from the drop-down menu. Find the Split Orders At Save? setting and double-click it to set it to True. Click OK in the System Configuration window to save the setting.

1.2. Warehouse column

You will also need to have the Warehouse column enabled in the Sales Order Detail area in order to use this feature.

To do this click on the Line Items tab in System Configuration and then select Edit Detail Column Configuration under Sales Document Detail. Scroll down until you find Warehouse Name and make sure that column is both Visible and Enterable. Click OK to save the setting.

2. Split a Sales Order by Warehouse

Following normal Sales Order Entry protocols, enter a new Sales Order using more than one Warehouse in the line items area. Save the Sales Order in either Open or Committed status.

Tip #1: By default, each line item will be tagged with the same Warehouse that was entered in the header area. You can change the line item Warehouse as long as you have the Warehouse column enabled (see above).

Tip #2: Make note of the Order Number. All subsequent orders will carry this same Order Number. However, when shipped/invoiced, each Order will carry a unique Invoice Number.

2.1. Split the order into multiple orders?

After saving the above order in Open or Committed status, the system presents you with this question. Select Yes to split the order and the system will create one order per Warehouse.

2.2. Examples

Here you can see that the original Sales Order has been split into three orders.

Below you can see the detail from one of the split orders. From this point forward, each order can be processed according to normal protocols.

Notice that the original Order Number has carried over and there is also now a note in red that indicates the order was Split.

  • Split* (with an asterisk) denotes the original Order.
  • Split (without an asterisk) denotes the Order(s) created from the original.

3. What happens if there is a Payment attached to the original order?

If a Receipt is entered on the Payments tab of the original Sales Order and you choose to split the Order, you will be presented with two options for the Receipt:

  1. Keep it with this order: The full amount of the payment will be applied to the original order only.
  2. Apply it to the Client account: A Receipt for full amount of the payment will be created. The Receipt will not be applied to any specific balance. You can go to the Receipt window and apply it either as a Client Deposit (liability) or an A/R Credit (contra-asset) or you can apply to an existing open receivable.

If you choose #1 and the amount of the Payment is greater than the balance of the Order, the Order will display a credit balance due. If you post the Order with the credit balance due, the Client will have an A/R Credit on their account.