AcctVantage ERP 2021 Series - Release Notes

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

If you are upgrading from an older release (AV 2020 or prior):

  • AV 2021 requires a new key file --contact AcctVantage Support
  • All of the old format PagePro custom forms will be deleted upon upgrading to AV 2021. If you still have any custom forms that were not converted to the new hmReports format, they will need to be converted BEFORE upgrading to AV 2021.
  • Please note the new OS requirements:
    • MacOS 10.14.6 through MacOS 11
    • Windows 10, Windows Server 2012-2019

AV 2021.0.2 (06/16/21)

Custom Forms - Removed 'Erase hm Report' button from custom form detail view.

Email - Bug Fix: Office 365 email send failed under certain circumstances.

Import Wizard - In certain situations Product sell price would not be rounded correctly if the precision was more than 2 decimal places.

Reports - 'Sales: Detail by Product Class' report was not working in Windows.

Sales Document - The field [Sales_Document]Tax_Area_ID is no longer marked as 'invisible' and can be included on user-created reports.

System Configuration - Removed several system configuration options since recent MRP updates made them obsolete.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Exploding a work order with a serialized component was returning the component to the wrong inventory lot.

AV 2021.0.1 (06/07/21)

MRP - Automatic lead time calculations updated during once daily update.

MRP - Lead time can now be auto-calculated.

MRP - Auto-Calculation of MRP related fields such as min/max quantities, etc.

MRP - MRP related fields are now configured on the Product Inventory tab and can be changed with Global Replace.

MRP - Inventory Shortages will now generate Work Orders for assemblies added by the MRP system.

MRP Forecast - Client is no longer required for forecasts.

MRP Forecasts - New feature to import multiple forecasts.

MRP Items - New Action to mass set MRP item's status to 'Pending'.

Purchase Order - 'Auto Purchase Orders' has been renamed to 'Inventory Shortages'.

Purchase Order - PO decimal precision (cost) is not displayed correctly under some circumstances

System Configuration - 'Auto PO' settings have been renamed to 'Inventory Shortages'.

AV 2021.0.0 (04/27/21)

Requires new key file - contact AV Support

General - AcctVantage has been upgraded to run on 4D v18.

General - MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3 support added.