AcctVantage ERP 2021 - Release Notes

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

If you are upgrading from an older release (AV 2020 or prior):

  • AV 2021 requires a new key file --contact AcctVantage Support
  • All of the old format PagePro custom forms will be deleted upon upgrading to AV 2021. If you still have any custom forms that were not converted to the new hmReports format, they will need to be converted BEFORE upgrading to AV 2021.
  • Please note the new OS requirements:
    • MacOS 10.14.6 through MacOS 11.6.x
    • Windows 10, Windows Server 2012-2019

AV 2021.12.1 (08/10/22)

Sales Document - Insufficient inventory alerts now display in current unit of measure.

Sales Order - Margin calculations were not correctly considering alternate units of measure.

AV 2021.12.0 (08/02/22)

Accounts Receivable - New Field: 'Days Open' to show how long a balance due AR item has been open.

Inventory Maintenance - Displayed 'Quantity Available' value could be confusing and inconsistant.

Pricebreaks - If no price break types were set new options could only be set through System Configuration.

Product - Renamed fields related to vendors to more clearly indicate their purpose.

Shipments - When printing a newly created shipment parcel details would not appear until the Shipment record had been saved.

AV 2021.11.3 (07/22/22)

AV Mobile - Bug fix: Some detail views were not displaying records correctly.

AV Mobile - Bug fix: Sales Orders could not be saved.

AV Mobile - Webfolder updated to version v22201.1219-av21.11.2

Sales Order - New option to force Price Breaks to use Unit of Measure values when determining markups and discounts.

Sales Orders - New script hooks which can control logic when deciding if a quote can be converted to an order.

AV 2021.11.2 (07/15/22)

Purchase Orders - Update code was using an incorrect formula to recalc PO UM quantities.

AV 2021.11.1 (07/14/22)

Product - New system configuration settings for default measurement units.

Product - Option to disable volume auto-calculation.

AV 2021.11.0 (07/12/22)

AV Mobile - Launching the mobile web server in single user no longer requires selecting the web folder.

Check Printing - Updated 'Quick Check' option to reflect that 'Reprints' also print through this option.

GL Reconcile - Fixed typo in the 'balances do not match' alert.

SPS - SPS setup screen was displaying two unused tabs.

SPS - New script hooks in standard 855 mapping.

AV 2021.10.4 (07/06/22)

Purchase Orders - In certain situations some quantity values could be calculated incorrectly.

AV 2021.10.3 (06/30/22)

Inventory - Under certain circumstances, inventory actions could fail (e.g. PO receive a serialized product.)

REST API - Invoice detail custom fields and invoice kit detail custom fields are now exposed via the REST API.

AV 2021.10.2 (06/27/22)

BigCommerce - In certain situations web store inventory levels for products with more than 50 variants could not be updated.

AV 2021.10.1 (06/21/22)

Product - Some cost related fields were not displaying the correct precision on the Product record.

Product - Populate new primary and secondary vendor list price and default cost fields.

  • Default PO Cost will be used to populate Primary Vendor PO Cost and 2nd Vendor PO Cost.
  • Default List Cost will be used to populate Primary Vendor List Cost and 2nd Vendor List Cost.

AV 2021.10.0 (06/10/22)

AP Voucher - Refresh the Listview when duplicating vouchers.

AP Voucher - PO lookup dialog would display if an exact match was found.

BigCommerce - Support for Gift Cards and store credit added.

Check - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, [Check]Entry By was set to the wrong user.

GL Account - In certain situations duplicate GL Summary records could be created.

Logging - New options in System Setup to temporarily log Script and System Configuration calls.

MacOS - Support for MacOS 12 Monterey added.

Mobile - When completing a Pick/Pack session, alert the user if all lines have not been picked.

Mobile - New option during PO Receive to lock the inventory lots that are created.

Product - UI changes to new Vendor fields.

Purchase Order - In certain situations Quantity Reserve for 'On PO' could be calculated incorrectly.

Purchase Order - Product cost look up can now return primary and secondary vendor costs and update those values from the PO.

Quantity Reserve - New Cross-References and filters for Inventory Quantity Reserve listview.

SPS - Acknowledgment Date added to 855 documents.

SPS - New script hook added to 855 documents.

XML Import - Products with 'Locked' sell prices could overwrite the imported value.

AV 2021.9.0

Auto PO - New script hook for custom Auto Purchase Order calculations.

Products - Products now support individual Default PO Cost and List Cost for the Primary and Secondary vendors displayed on the Product detail form.

REST API - Enhancements to the REST API /product endpoint. You can now create/update/delete inventory type products in addition to non-inventory type products. Both types now support create/update/delete for Price Breaks and Vendor Price Breaks. Many additional Product table fields are also now exposed on the API /product endpoint.

AV 2021.8.2 (05/18/22)

Purchase Order - In certain situations products using non-base units of measure could not be received.

AV 2021.8.1 (05/10/22)

Work Order - When saving a work order a dialog could appear incorrectly stating that the work order was out of balance.

AV 2021.8.0 (04/21/22)

AP Voucher - Non-Inventory products can be set to post their COGS to the account defined in its Product Class.

General Ledger - New relation between GL Summary and GL Account

GL Accounts - The Account History column selection was not working.

GL Accounts - The Account History report was not printing the detail section.

Receipt - Credit card type receipts linked to checking accounts could not be batch deposited.

Receipts - Receipt Type was getting cleared when creating a new Client through the Receipts window.

Receipts - Credit card authorizations could be voided on posted receipts.

Sales Document - In certain situations the line items on the Fulfillment tab could get out of sequence.

Sales Document - When emailing a sales document the subject could mislabel the Invoice number.

Sales Document - New 'Pick Notes' field added to the Fulfillment tab of sales orders.

Shipments - The 'Bill Third Party' notice was partially getting cutoff.

Shipments - When resizing the Shipments window some buttons weren't shifting position.

Shipping - Created new Parcels listview.

SPS - Added support for trading partner licenses.

Work Order - In certain situations the value of the draws and additions may not balance out when saving a work order.

AV 2021.7.3 (04/04/22)

Sales Document - When emailing multiple sales documents the subject could reference an incorrect document number.

Sales Document - When emailing an Invoice the subject could be mislabeled as the Order Number.

AV 2021.7.2 (03/22/22)

AvaTax - Tax area was not being set on new orders.

AV 2021.7.1 (03/21/22)

BigCommerce - New script hook for customizing warehouse upload selection.

Product Alias - Product Aliases can now be linked to specific Client record.

Sales Orders - New option to update Sales Orders to Client default values selecting a drop-ship Client record.

SPS - Corrected 'Buyer Part Number' output on 810 and 855 documents.

AV 2021.7.0 (03/10/22)

Adjusting Journal Entries - Accounts Payable type lines were checking against AP document date rather than the post-to date.

Adjusting Journal Entries - Adjusting journal entries can now be duplicated.

AV Mobile - Pick/Pack enhancements for custom form support.

AV Mobile - Pick/Pack bin/location fulfillment support.

Batch Shipping - When using Batch Shipping store tracking URL on the Shipment.

Contact - In certain situations the Contact window title would not be set correctly.

EasyPost - EasyPost changed the format 3rd party billing info was passed to their API.

Email - New hooks to allow for customization of default Subject and Body sections of emails.

Email - 'Send Test Email' button added to User records.

Inventory Shortages - Cross references to the Inventory Shortages window were missing.

Listview - Several listviews incorrectly had power search disabled.

Purchase Order - When printing purchase orders the document name was using the record ID instead of PO number.

Receipts - Linked receipts must posted before batch deposits can be posted.

Sales Document - Not all fields were copied when creating an Ord-BO type sales document.

Sales Document - If after a shipment on a sales order is processed and the Ship Via is blank, set it to the shipment's ship method.

Shipments - Updated FedEx URL for shipment tracking.

SPS - Williams-Sonoma trading partner added to SPS.

Web Integrations - Changes in quantity reserve now trigger inventory level updates to Web Integrations.

AV 2021.6.2 (02/25/22)

Inventory - New system configuration options to add delays in certain processes to help resolve inventory conflicts.

Web Integrations - New script hook for updating orders imported from BigCommerce.

AV 2021.6.1 (02/23/22)

BigCommerce - Orders were only importing one at a time rather than in batches.

BigCommerce - New optional setting to define a date cutoff where only orders created after that date will be imported.

AV 2021.6.0 (02/08/22)

AP Voucher - PO Quick list was not filtering based on entered PO number.

EasyPost - Support for purchasing return labels added.

GL Accounts - Some data could be cleared when opening an existing GL Account record.

GL Reconcile - Exporting the GL Reconcile listview was causing errors.

GL Reconcile - Having multiple un-reconciled sessions could cause cleared items to be lost.

Pick Pack - Option to Auto-Save Sales Orders in Pick Pack to a specific status.

Purchase Order - Some data could be cleared when opening an existing Purchase Order.

Purchase Order - Updated system alerts that were displaying PO ID to show PO Number.

Quick Reports - Quick reports could not be run from the 'Sales Reports' menu item.

Receipts - In certain situations receipt type payment gateway settings were being cleared.

Sales Documents - Emailing sales documents can now use addresses from multiple contact records.

SPS - Added SPS Trading partner dropdown list to the Sales Master window.

Web Server - If the web folder was not found the status indicator on the AV Server Status window would still show green.

AV 2021.5.1 (01/27/22)

Receipts - Receipt payment gateway settings were being cleared.

AV 2021.5.0 (01/13/22)

BigCommerce - Sales Order with more than 50 line items now supported.

Predefined Packages - In certain situations an error could occur when editing predefined packages.

Product - In certain situations opening a Product record would show an error.

Receipts - Receipts for non-Checking/Cash GL Accounts were showing up as 'Undeposited'.

Reports - The 'Budget Data Exchange' report was being created without a file extension.

Sales Document - In certain situations an error could occur when editing a kit on a Sales Order.

Sales Order - An error message would appear when entering the PO number field.

Scripts - Scheduled scripts that send emails could open a password request dialog on the server.

Web Integration - New System Configuration settings to control automatic web integration pausing.

Web Integrations - Changed menu label from 'Export to Web Integration' to 'Export to Web Store'.

Work Order - 'Locked' lots are no longer drawn from when creating a Work Orders.

AV 2021.4.0 (12/23/21)

Web Server - The web server would not recognize the webfolder location.

AV 2021.3.0 (12/21/21)

Batch Shipping - Label and Printer selection is remembered from previously entered values.

BigCommerce - In certain situations Client records could not be pushed up to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce - Manually entered tracking numbers were not getting uploaded to BigCommerce.

Purchase Order - Dragging rows to adjust line item order is now allowed and new line items can be inserted between existing rows.

Purchase Order - New system preference to control updating Product record when PO costs change.

SPS - New script hooks in the 940 and 945 document types.

Web Integrations - Changes in quantity reserve now trigger inventory level updates to Web Integrations.

AV 2021.2.0 (12/07/21)

Batch Shipping - In certain situations the 'Residential' address flag would not be set.

Batch Shipping - Predefined parcels are now an option.

Pick-Pack - The Pick-Pack window will now alert when a scanned item is not found on the current order.

Sales Order - In certain situations the Sales Order record would lose its changes when processing a payment.

SPS - 940 bug fixes.

Web Integrations - SPS: Bug fixes in 810, 855, 940, and 945 document types.

Web Integrations - BigCommerce: Order import now supports Add-ons.

Web Integrations - New ability to 'Pause' integrations added. Fixes to inventory conflicts between integrations and internal processes.

XML Import - The import result window was not being displayed when manually initiating imports..

AV 2021.1.8 (11/15/21)

Avatax - 'Warning' status now supported.

Batch Shipping - Non-Inventory line items are ignored when counting line items within a Sales Order.

Client Statements - Client Statements would not print from the AR Reports window.

Email - New script hook to allow custom email subjects for bulk emails.

Inventory - New Feature: Inventory Cycle Count to manage physical inventory counting at user-defined periods.

Purchase Order - New fields in Purchase Order Detail table (i.e. Purchase Analysis)

  • [PurchaseOrderDetail]Remain BOd UM
  • [PurchaseOrderDetail]Received2Date UM

Purchase Orders - New script hook to allow selection of which line items from a Sales Order are to be included when generating a PO.

SPS - Support for 940 and 945 document types added.

AV 2021.1.6 (10/22/21)

Administration - New feature to view the AV Server Administration Window from the Client connection.

AV Server Status - ID columns added to the Background Task and Web Integration tabs.

BigCommerce - New script hook to allow adjustments to inventory levels going upstream to BigCommerce.

Checks - Voided checks would still display as 'To Print' in the listview.

Client - Client Email field length extended to 80 characters.

General - Disable incorrect maintenance notification for Windows users.

GL Accounts - A dialog would incorrectly appear when the cursor was placed into the GL Account name field.

Purchase Order - In certain situations product sell price was not being recalculated correctly when updating Product costs from within a Purchase Order.

Quick Reports - Added progress meter when generating a quick report.

Sales Document - In certain situations some values could be cleared when opening a Sales Order.

System Setup - New field for a default logo.

Users - Removed unused 'In/Out' listview.

Vendor - The navigation buttons in the lower left of the vendor screen woud change tabs instead of moving to the next record.

AV 2021.1.5 (10/07/21)

WooCommerce - Fix missing zip code mapping.

AV 2021.1.4

Product - 'Track Reorder' renamed to 'Include in Inventory Shortages' on Product Global Replace screen.

Shipments/Parcels - New Feature: Parcel contents can now be declared during the shipment process.

Shipping - New Feature: Batch shipping for rapid creation of shipment labels for identical parcels.

SPS - Support for multiple trading partners. Document types 940 and 945 added.

Woo Commerce - New integration with Woo Commerce. Download orders, push up status updates, product lists, and inventory levels.

AV 2021.1.1 (08/31/21)

AvaTax field labels were getting clipped on the Client window.

Removed references to the unused field [Product]DefaultProductLocation.

BigCommerce - New script hook to allow modification of product fields going up to BigCommerce.

Check Printing - Check printing could proceed even if no check form was defined in system configuration.

Credit Memos - Unit of Measure can now be adjusted on unassociated credit memos.

Dialogs - The calendar area of the date selector popup window was not responding to input.

Email - Progress meter added when sending emailed Sales Documents from AcctVantage.

Inventory Maintenance - New System Configuration option to define unit cost source for inventory maintenance adds.

Inventory Shortages - Bug Fix: Inventory Shortages could not add to an existing PO when it needed to.

NACHA - Filler row format correction.

Record Locking - Add additional checks to make sure all records are unlocked when interacting with list views.

Sales Reports - 'Open Orders' report was incorrectly including voided orders.

Sales Reports - Some reports were requiring user access to the Pick-Pack window when it was not needed.

AV 2021.1.0 (07/20/21)

Products - Bin location was referencing a deprecated field in the Physical Inventory Export.

Products - The '.txt' file extension was missing from the Physical Inventory Export filename.

Purchase Order - New field: Purchase Order Number

  • PO ID will no longer be the exclusive unique identifier for Purchase Orders.
  • All relevant field labels (Purchase Order, Purchase Event, Voucher, etc) will reference Purchase Order Number rather than ID.
  • List View columns and reports will need to be manually changed to reference PO Number.

Reporting - Allow renaming of 'Worksheet 1' in Excel exports.

Sales Orders - New filters in the Sales Order listview for Web Integrations.

Server - In certain situations alerts were appearing in the server during order imports.

Startup - All users launching single user will see the 'Start Selected Services' dialog when logging in.

Web Integrations - Optimization of the Web Integrations Log tab on the AV Server Status window.

AV 2021.0.3 (06/25/21)

EasyPost - In certain situations EasyPost could overwrite freight charges on orders that were imported from external sources.

hmReports - Replaced plugin with new version due to crashing issue.

AV 2021.0.2 (06/16/21)

Custom Forms - Removed 'Erase hm Report' button from custom form detail view.

Email - Bug Fix: Office 365 email send failed under certain circumstances.

Import Wizard - In certain situations Product sell price would not be rounded correctly if the precision was more than 2 decimal places.

Reports - 'Sales: Detail by Product Class' report was not working in Windows.

Sales Document - The field [Sales_Document]Tax_Area_ID is no longer marked as 'invisible' and can be included on user-created reports.

System Configuration - Removed several system configuration options since recent MRP updates made them obsolete.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Exploding a work order with a serialized component was returning the component to the wrong inventory lot.

AV 2021.0.1 (06/07/21)

MRP - Automatic lead time calculations updated during once daily update.

MRP - Lead time can now be auto-calculated.

MRP - Auto-Calculation of MRP related fields such as min/max quantities, etc.

MRP - MRP related fields are now configured on the Product Inventory tab and can be changed with Global Replace.

MRP - Inventory Shortages will now generate Work Orders for assemblies added by the MRP system.

MRP Forecast - Client is no longer required for forecasts.

MRP Forecasts - New feature to import multiple forecasts.

MRP Items - New Action to mass set MRP item's status to 'Pending'.

Purchase Order - 'Auto Purchase Orders' has been renamed to 'Inventory Shortages'.

Purchase Order - PO decimal precision (cost) is not displayed correctly under some circumstances

System Configuration - 'Auto PO' settings have been renamed to 'Inventory Shortages'.

AV 2021.0.0 (04/27/21)

Requires new key file - contact AV Support

General - AcctVantage has been upgraded to run on 4D v18.

General - MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3 support added.