Pay for Non-inventory PO Items

This article details the settings necessary to receive Non-inventory items on a Purchase Order and pay for them via A/P Voucher in the same manner that you're accustomed to when paying for received Inventory.


There are two settings that need to be addressed:

  1. PO Lines on Voucher: This setting determines if non-inventory items received via PO are displayed on the PO Line Items tab of the Voucher screen.
    • Set this to TRUE to enable this feature.
    • If enabled, the system will use one of the cost of goods sold accounts listed below when non-inventory lines are payed on a voucher.
  2. Non-Inven PO Line Costs: If the above setting is enabled, this setting will determine which Cost of Goods Sold account is used. The options are:
System Configuration - Accounts Payable

System Setup Default CoGS

To find the Default CoGS account, go to Administration > System Setup and click on the G/L tab.

System Setup - GL tab

Product Class CoGS

To find the Product Class CoGS account, first go to the Product record and make a note of the Product Class. Then go to Warehouse Management > Product Classes, find the Product Class in question and drill into it.

You can set a different account for each warehouse or they can all be the same.

Product Class - detail