Inventory Maintenance - Cost Source

When adding inventory to stock via Inventory Maintenance, there are a few cost options to choose from.

Navigate to Administration > System Configuration > Inventory and find the setting for Unit cost source for maintenance adds. Double-click the setting to select one of the options listed below.

Note: This cost setting only applies to Inventory Maintenance ADD transactions. For DRAW transactions, the cost will either be the current average cost (if no Lot is selected) or the actual Lot cost (if a Lot is selected).

  • Default PO Cost: The system will pull the cost from the Product record.
  • Current Average Cost, All Warehouses: The real-time average cost for the Product across all warehouses will be used.
  • Current Average Cost, Selected Warehouse: The real-time average cost for the Product in the specified warehouse will be used.
  • Most recent Maintenance Add Cost, Selected Warehouse: The cost most recently used when adding to stock via inventory maintenance will be used.
System Configuration - Inventory settings