AcctVantage ERP 2021 - System Requirements

AV 2021 is based on 4D v18.4 -- this version of 4D is 64-bit only.

The requirements below are listed for both AcctVantage Client and Server hardware. Better than minimum hardware will improve performance.

If you are upgrading from an older release (AV 2020 or prior):

  • AcctVantage Technical Support does not support hardware, network, or other IT setup outside of actually installing and configuring the AcctVantage software.
  • AV 2021 requires a new key file --contact AcctVantage Support
  • All of the old format PagePro custom forms will be deleted upon upgrading to AV 2021. If you still have any custom forms that were not converted to the new hmReports format, they will need to be converted BEFORE upgrading to AV 2021.

Software Requirements

Platform OS Version Certification
Mac 10.13 (High Sierra) ❌ Not Supported
Mac 10.14 (Mojave) ✅ Certified
Mac 10.15 (Catalina) ✅ Certified
Mac 11 (Big Sur) ✅ Certified
Mac 12 (Monterey) ❌ Not Supported
Windows 7 & 8 ❌ Not Supported
Windows 10 (64-bit version only) ✅ Certified
Windows 11 ❌ Not Supported
Windows Server 2012 ✅ Certified
Windows Server 2016 ✅ Certified
Windows Server 2019 ✅ Certified
Windows Server 2022 ❌ Not Supported
  • The latest release of each major version is required!
    • Example: Mac OS 10.14.6 is supported but 10.14.1 is not supported.
  • Disable all automatic update programs that may update an OS version. This is suggested in order to prevent updating to an OS that might not yet be supported.
  • OS Administrator-level permissions are required when using Windows OS on the server.

Hardware Requirements

11/16/21: At this time, we do NOT recommend macOS with an M1 chip for use as the AcctVantage Server hardware. Real-world performance has proven to be much slower than we deem acceptable. We will continue to update and test as new hardware becomes available.

Intel based hardware on macOS is our recommendation.

CPU Memory Screen Resolution
AV Server Quad-core processor (or more) 16GB RAM n/a
AV Client Dual-core processor 8GB RAM 1280 x 1024
  • Dedicated server hardware required: AcctVantage requires dedicated server hardware with no programs running other than backup utilities.
  • Windows Energy Saving Settings: The default settings for Windows Server or Windows desktop computers are optimized for saving energy. While this is usually the best setting for desktop usage, "High performance" servers could produce up to twice the speed than "Balanced."
  • Network: AcctVantage operates on a Local Area Network (LAN) using TCP/IP protocols. If all users are on the same LAN, then dynamic IP address assignment is acceptable. It is recommended that all LAN connections be routed through switches rather than hubs and that “daisy-chaining” of switches and/or hubs be avoided.