Duplicate an Adjusting Journal Entry

This article details how to duplicate an Adjusting Journal Entry.

Only entries with the Type = GL are able to be duplicated. In the example below, I've chosen an interest expense entry to duplicate. Depending on the circumstances, you also can use a Recurring Entry to accomplish this.

Adjusting Entry - Detail

1. Find the entry to be duplicated

Navigate to General Ledger > Adjusting Journal Entries, find the entry you want to duplicate and highlight it.

Adjusting Entry - list view

2. Duplicate the entry

Open the Action Menu and select Duplicate Entry.

Adjusting Entry - action menu

2.1. Enter the Post To date

Enter a Post To Date

2.2. Enter the number of copies to create

Enter number of copies to create

3. The entry has been duplicated

At this point in my example, I would need to open the entry and update the Memo. You may need to do something similar on your end!

Adjusting Entry has been duplicated