Sales Order - Pick Pack

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

The AV Mobile Pick Pack process is intended for the Warehouse fulfillment team to be able to physically pick the items on each order.

Picking an order via the AV Mobile interface:

  • Updates each line item with the Picked Quantity.
  • Copies the Pick Notes to the Sales Order.

As currently designed, the Order Status does not get updated to Picked.

Home Screen

To begin, click on the Sales module and select Pick Pack.

1. Open the Pick Pack screen

Enter (or scan) and Order Number to pick.

Click the Edit button.

2. Pick the line items

There are a couple different ways to use this screen:

  1. There is a field where you can manually enter a Part Number or scan a barcode (this will increment the pick quantity by +1 each time).
  2. You can click the Pick Remaining button (this will pick all units remaining to be picked).
  3. You can click Enter pick quantity and manually type the number of units to be picked.
  • P/N: Part Number
  • QO: Quantity Ordered
  • UM: Unit of Measure
  • PP: Picked Previously (quantity that was picked in a previous session)
  • PR: Picked Remaining (quantity remaining to be picked)
  • PC: Picked Currently (quantity that has been picked in the current session)

2.1. Partially picked line item

On the first line  you can see what a partially picked line item looks like.

There were 5 units ordered (QO) and 3 units picked in this session (PC), therefore there are 2 units remaining to be picked (PR).

2.2. Fully picked line item

When you're finished picking a line item, click Done with this line. You can now click the ➕ to select the next line item.

2.3. Fully picked Sales Order

When each quantity has been fully picked, the line item will turn green.

You can also enter a New Pick Note, which will be copied to the original Sales Order.

3. Save the Order

Click the Save button when you're finished.