AcctVantage Mobile Licensing

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

AV Mobile allows access to AcctVantage via a web browser or mobile device (scanner, phone, tablet, etc.).  The license is separate from the AcctVantage ERP license that allows access via the LAN.

Web user licenses are for concurrent users, meaning you are allowed up to your licensed number of connections at any time, but you may name as many web users as you like.  For example, if you have warehouse users that work in shifts, users on different shifts may 'share' a license while maintaining their own user accounts and history.

Contact [email protected] for a quote or to place your order.

Install Web License

The web license is a unique string of characters that is keyed or pasted into the Administration > System Setup screen in AcctVantage.

Install Web License