Sales Order or Quote Entry

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

Sales Order Entry in the AV Mobile interface is very similar to Order Entry in the desktop AV Client. This area is intended to be fully-featured as it pertains to Order/Quote Entry. Functions that occur after the initial Sales Order is entered (e.g. fulfillment, shipping, posting, etc) will be handled elsewhere.

Home Screen

To begin, click on the Sales module and select Sales Orders & Quotes.

1. Sales Orders & Quotes list view

The first page you will come is the "list view screen" for the Sales Orders & Quotes window. From this list view you can:

  • Show a list of all Sales Order & Quote records.
  • Perform a Quick Search to find targeted search results.
  • Enter a new Sales Order (click the ➕ to begin entering a new Quote or Order)
  • Edit existing Sales Documents (only for Quotes and Open Sales Orders).

Once a Sales Order has been moved to Committed status or beyond, it can not be edited in the browser-based AV Client. Committed, Picked, Packed or Shipped Orders can only be modified via the desktop AV Client.

2. Customer tab

Once you create a new Quote/Order, the first page that you're presented with is the Customer info tab. This page contains the same info that you would see in the header section of the desktop interface.

After entering data here, you can Save your work and then move on to the Items tab.

Tip #1:

As you're entering data, feel free to click the green Save button as many times as you need to in order to save your progress. After you save, you can continue where you left off with data entry.

Tip #2:

If you click the Save & Print button, the system will print (or attempt to print) the default custom form associated with the current Order type (i.e. this is the custom form assigned in System Configuration for either a Quote or Open Order). The Sales Order will be saved, closed and you will be returned to the Sales Orders & Quotes list view.

We would suggest to only use the Save & Print option when you're finished with data entry for the current order.

3. Items tab

The Items tab is what you're used to seeing referred to as the Line Items or Invoice Detail section. Here is where you will enter the products, quantity, pricing, etc. that are being ordered by your customer.

Start by entering a Product in the Query products field. When you start typing, the system will automatically present a list of potentially matching products to choose from. Continue through each line item with the rest of the fields.

You can click the ➕ Add button to add a new line or select an existing line and click the trash can icon to delete.

When enter Products in the Query field, you can enter any of the following:

  • Product Name
  • Part Number
  • Product Alias
  • Vendor Part Number

4. Ship Info tab

On the Ship Info tab, you will primarily find the Bill To and Ship To Addresses, Special Instructions and Notes. There are also a couple custom fields.

You can use the pencil icon if you need to edit the Ship To Address. The rest of the fields are open for manual entry if you need to add or edit anything.

5. Terms tab

The Terms tab contains Payment and Terms Information. These fields will be populated as they normally would be in the desktop AV Client. You can also add or edit the text manually here.

6. Notes tab

The Notes tab consists exclusively of custom fields. If you're using any of these fields, you can enter/edit them as you normally would. If you're not using any of these fields, you can most likely safely ignore this tab.

7. Saved Sales Order

Additional notes about saved Sales Orders ...

  • Once an Order/Quote is saved, the following fields will become read-only:
    • Customer Name and Number
    • Document Type
    • Order #
  • You can still edit all other fields (including the line items) as long as the status is either Quote or Open Order.
  • Once the Order/Quote is moved to Committed Status (via the desktop AV Client), it can only be viewed as read-only via the web interface. Any additional changes would also need to be done via the desktop AV Client.
  • After the record is saved, some additional info will populate in the lower-left-hand corner (see below)