The Dashboard window presents HTML/web based graphs and charts to give you a snapshot view of your company's activity. This window is powered by the AcctVantage web server. The ability to view dashboards is controlled by settings in System Configuration (globally) and via individual User Access records.

Each panel in the Dashboard window is controlled by a script that is installed in the Administration ➤ Scripts window.

Note: Dashboards only work in a client/server environment. They're not supported when using the single user app.

Custom Dashboard panels can be created to your specification by AcctVantage's Professional Services team. Contact AV support for more information.

Standard Dashboard Example

Example of a Dashboard.

1. Install the Dashboard Scripts.

AcctVantage Support provides a standard set of dashboards.

  1. Download the ZIP file attached above (and then unzip it).
  2. Log in as an Administrator user (this can be either the "Administrator" username or any user tagged as User Type = Administrator).
  3. Navigate to Administration ➤ Scripts.
  4. Use the Action Menu > Load Installer and select one of the AVF files contained in the folder. Repeat this step for each additional dashboard script.
Install the dashboard scripts

Dashboard scripts have been installed

After installing the dashboard scripts you will be able to see them in the list view.

Dashboard scripts have been installed

2. Enable the Dashboard window

2.1. System Configuration Settings.

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ System Configuration and select Dashboard from the drop-down menu.
  2. Double-click the setting for each module to change the value to True or False. The value must be True in order to view dashboards for any given module.
  3. Change the setting for Open on Startup to True to open the window automatically when logged in with the AV Client.
    • If you leave this set to False, the window won't open upon startup but you can still open the window by using the Tools menu at the top of the screen.
  4. Click OK when finished to save these settings.

These System Configuration settings only control what is allowed globally. For individual User settings, see the next step.

System Configuration - Dashboard settings

2.2. User Settings

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ User Access Levels and open a User record.
  2. Click on the System Access tab.
  3. In the Other Settings area, modify the Dashboard settings as desired for the User.
  4. Click OK to save these settings.
User Access Levels - Dashboard settings

3. Verify the Web Server is running

The dashboard window is powered by the AcctVantage Web Server.  

  1. Navigate to Administration ➤ AV Server Status.
  2. Verify that you see a green light, which indicates the Web Server is running.
  3. If you see a red light, click the Start Web Server button and you will see the light change to green.

If you already opened the Dashboard window prior to starting the Web Server, close and reopen the Dashboard window.

AV Server Status - Web Server is running