Bar Code Scanner: Product Setup

This feature requires additional licensing. Please contact AcctVantage Sales for a quote.

Most bar code functions involve Warehouse Management functions and require scanning a Part Number (SKU).

With a few exceptions, when scanning a bar code for product lookup, AcctVantage will search using:

  1. Part Number
  2. SKU  (this field label was changed from UPC to SKU in a later version)
  3. Alias
  4. Vendor/2nd Vendor Bar Code
  5. Vendor/2nd Vendor Part Number

The scanned number/code can appear in ANY of these fields on the Product record for a valid match to be made.  In other words, your AcctVantage Part Number does not need to match the scanned value so long as an Alias, or the UPC or any of the other criteria have a match.