Error -9999 - The Volume is Full

This error indicates that AcctVantage can not write to the datafile. This can happen for two reasons:

1. Permissions

Check the Permissions on the datafile and on the folder it is located within. Permissions should be set to Read & Write for everyone.

  • On a Mac, you can find this by right-clicking (or Control-clicking) on the filename and selecting Get Info from the menu.
  • On Windows, right-click on the file name and choose Properties.

2. Datafile over 2GB in size

There is a 4D restriction on the size of a datafile. Datafiles must be segmented prior to reaching 2 GB in size. If this error is displayed and it is determined that the size of the datafile is the reason, you should immediately stop working and proceed with segmenting the datafile. Currently this should not be an issue, as in AcctVantage 2007 an beyond, segmenting of datafiles prior to reaching the 2 GB limit is automatic.

Please contact AV support if you experience this issue.