AcctVantage ERP 2018 - Release Notes

AcctVantage 2018 represents a major step forward!  Included in this release are advances in web/internet browser access to the system, Multi-Company support and a long list of usability enhancements.

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

There is a newer version of AcctVantage available.

AV 2021 is the current release.

AV 2018.0.4.7 (02/01/19)

This is the final release in the AV 2018 series.

General - Windows Bug Fix: Progress meters were causing dialog windows to become un-clickable.

AV 2018.0.4.6 (01/21/19)

System Configuration - New Inventory group preference to "Force Inventory Transaction Posting". Use only at the direction of AcctVantage Support.

AV 2018.0.4.5 (12/18/18)

Shipments - Manually entered customs declarations were not being saved.

Work Order - Works orders created from a sales order were not filling the SO correctly.

Work Order - In certain situation sub-assembly setup costs were not calculating correctly.

AV 2018.0.4.4 (11/18/18)

Various bug fixes and improvements related to Work Orders.

AV 2018.0.4.2 (11/12/18)

AP Voucher - Added structure relation between Voucher and Voucher Detail for easier report creation.

Inventory Maintenance - Change: Allow Inventory Maintenance adds to existing lots.

User - Change: When a user record is created or updated, only create/update that one user in the 4D user list, and then only if new, or the name or password has changed.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, the wrong quantity of Finished Good could be created.

AV 2018.0.4.1 (11/06/18)

Product - Errors were occurring when saving a new product.

AV 2018.0.4.0 (11/06/18)

AvaTax - AvaTax commits now only occur once a Sales Document has successfully posted to AV.

General - There is now a lock icon on detail forms that displays when the form is in Read Only for any reason.

General - Scripts can now call other scripts.

General - Some fonts were not displaying correctly in Windows 10.

Listview - Records can be opened in a new window.  Click Here for VIDEO REVIEW

Listview - Multiple windows of the same listview type can now be opened.


Product - Built cost of assemblies was not updating when it a sub-assembly was modified.

Product - Price break drop down list was appearing behind the form.

Read Only - Read Only setting for user access to list views would not always 'stick'.

Tasks - The 'attached to record' field was displaying an incorrect ID for some record types.

Warehouse Transfer - In certain situations serialized line items would cause errors preventing a transfer from being received.

Work Order - Exploded work orders were not displaying the correct unit and total costs.

Work Order - Work Orders could be moved to picked status without specifying serial numbers.

AV 2018.0.3.8 (10/03/18)

Jobs - In certain situations 'Labor' job items could be incorrectly deleted.

AV 2018.0.3.7 (09/27/18)

General - Mac OS 10.14 Mojave support added.

Product - Corrected an issue regarding duplicate part numbers.

AV 2018.0.3.6 (09/21/18)

Product - Product Name field length increased to 255 characters.

AV 2018.0.3.5 (09/20/18)

4D Web Server - In certain situations, the 4D web server would force a redirect to when it should not.

AV 2018.0.3.4 (08/29/18)

Warehouse Transfer - In certain situations Quantity Reserve for Warehouse Transfers would be calculated when it should be zero.

AV 2018.0.3.3 (08/24/18)

Auto PO - Vendor name lookup was not filling in the correct columns.

Inventory Maintenance - New script hook on window open.

Inventory Maintenance - Serial numbers could not be added through the inventory maintenance window.

Product - Price break drop down list was appearing behind the form.

Product Class - Changes to default price breaks in the product class window were not being saved.

Purchase Order - On PO void remaining quantity to be received is now set to zero.

Purchase Order - Client address lookup was not populating the ship to fields correctly.

Sales Order - Script hook was not properly initialized in the Product lookup scan field.

Work Order - Adding new parts to a new Work Order was not setting the 'Std. BOM Qty' value as zero.

AV 2018.0.3.2 (08/09/18)

AvaTax - AvaTax commits now only occur once a Sales Document has successfully posted to AV.

Fonts - On Windows 10 certain fonts are not displaying correctly.

AV 2018.0.3.0 (07/18/18)

Adjusting Journal Entry - On Vendor line item open AP doc selection, 'Original Amount Due' was not populating.

AvaTax - In certain situations credit memo calculations were srequested incorrectly.

AvaTax - System log now shows order/invoice number in first line of log text.

Client - Lead Source was displaying two selection windows on data change.

EasyPost - Saturday Delivery Option

Fonts - In Windows 10 some screens would show an unreadable font on the buttons.

General - New 'number' request window.

General - New 'date' request window.

Pick/Pack - InvoiceDetail records were remaining locked by the user after Pick/Pack was completed.

Planner/Task - Icons were not staying put on form resize.

Products - Bill of materials 'Process' area was not formatted correctly.

Purchase Order - New 'OK & Email' button.

Receipt - Bug fix: In some situations changing the tab from AR to Non-AR could generate an error.

Sales Document - New option to restrict months considered in Sales History window of line items.

Sales Document - Bug: Invoice number not being assigned when duplicating an order.

Sales Order - New Feature: 'Mark As Packed' action menu item on Sales Order List View.

Sales Orders - An error would appear when creating a new unassociated credit memo.

Vouchers - New Feature: Can duplicate multiple vouchers at once.

Warehouse Transfers - Bug fix: Warehouse transfers were resetting Lot Addition Date.

AV 2018.0.2.3 (06/21/18)

Fixed issue with Kit line items on Sales Order and a conflict with AvaTax

AV 2018.0.2.1 (06/16/18)

AvaTax - Bug Fix: Sales tax calculations on fixed-price kits was not being requested correctly from AvaTax.

Shipments - Freight charge were being cleared when opening a shipped package.

Warehouse Transfers - A system check was preventing warehouse transfers with distributed freight from saving in 'received' status.

Scripts - New script hook in place for bar code scan on sales order entry

AV 2018.0.2.0 (06/04/18)

Purchase Order - Bug fix: New icons were not moving on form resize.

Scripts - New script hooks added for use when voiding records.

Warehouse Transfer - Warehouse transfer draw location support added.

Work Order - Bug fix: New custom checkboxes were not moving on form resize.

Inventory Levels (Subaccount) Rebuild - Fix issue with calculating Qty on PO

Record Locking - Corrected an issue with Users erroneously locking certain records

AV 2018.0.0.8 (05/30/18)

AvaTax - Bug Fix: In certain situations, AvaTax caclculated values for tax on freight would not be included.

AV 2018.0.0.6 (05/24/18)

Mobile App - Add support for Sales Quote & Open Order entry.

Mobile App - Add support for Customer & Correspondence entry.

Introduction of Multi-Company Support

Script Engine - There is a new scripting engine that replaces the old plug-in for executing AV Scripts.

The new scripting engine in AV 2018 may require an update to your existing scripts.  The upgrade code should catch and automatically make any necessary changes.  If you run into an issue with your scripts, contact AV Support for immediate assistance!

AP Voucher - [APDocument] fields can now be added to the Voucher listview.

Checks - New 'Other' type check entry. Via Check Register, allow entries to Checking Accounts without requiring a Check Number.

Custom Forms - Printing/Emailing forms that call other forms wasn't working in some places.

Custom Forms - 'OK and Print' and 'OK and Email' form selection windows are larger.

EasyPost - In certain situations weight was being overridden on shipped packages.

Excel - Additional checks for alpha vs numeric contents when sending data to Excel.

Import Wizard - Part number and product name can now be modified using the import wizard.

Import Wizard - Extra spaces are removed from imported values.

Import Wizard - Client Relation can now be modified using the import wizard.

Lead Source - New custom fields added.

Mobile App - Add printing support for Sales Documents.

Mobile PO Receive - Bug Fix: Receive date was not getting set properly.

Mobile Sales Document - Contact was not being saved.

Products - Cleaned up report 'Product: Qty Sold for a FY'.

Products - Built cost of subassemblies was not rolling up into parent assemblies.

Purchase Order - Bug fix: 'Receive Selected' button was clickable on read-only POs.

Purchase Order - Mail To and Ship To addresses are now divided into name, address line 1, zip, etc. instead of one block of text.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Kits with no components could be added to a Sales Order.

Shipments - Carrier insurance was not being properly defined when sent to EasyPost.

User Access - Bug Fix: User 'read-only' settings were being cleared on login.

Work Order - New custom fields added.

NACHA File Export - for ACH payment processing

AvaTax - Option to calculate tax based on the billing address.

Inventory Maintenance/Work Order - Production Maintenance Audit Trail Report - Work Order # column needs to be wider.

Mobile - The mobile client was not filtering out inactive Inven Subaccounts.

Mobile Inventory Adjustment - Implement serial number support.

Once Daily Update - Indexes are now rebuilt nightly.  

NOTE: You may need to adjust the timing of your scheduled backup to accomodate the additional processing time required to rebuild the index file.

Shipments - HazMat shipping options now available.

Shipments - Attached scales were not being read from.

Shipping - International shipping added to EasyPost integration.

Work Order - Completed assembly is now added to inventory at 'Ready to Post' status.

Administration - Change: Reinstate the 'Tools > Change User...' menu item, which had been disabled in multi-company systems.

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: Was showing UM Qty in the Base Qty column for non-inven PO lines.

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: Was showing Qty Ordered in the UM Qty Received column for PO lines.

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: AP Voucher was not loading the detail section when non-inventory PO line items were present.

AV Mobile - Bug Fix: AV Mobile PO Receive was not handling non-inventory line items properly.

AV Mobile - Bug Fix: AV Mobile PO Receive was not handling non-inventory line items properly.

General - Add company and user info to the Nav Bar.

System Setup - Bug Fix: the View Log... button on System Setup was not working.

Utility - Change: The GL Summary rebuild utility will now also resolve missing or duplicate GL Summary records.

Web Server - Change: Add support for SSL key and certificate disk files.

Work Order - Change: Add ID to Work Order detail screen window title.

AP Voucher - Change: Add Unit of Measure data to AP Voucher detail form PO Lines.

Mobile - New Feature: Add serial number support to mobile PO Receive function.

Once Daily Update - Bug Fix: Once Daily Update not running every day for all companies in a multi-company system.

Posting - Bug Fix: Setup record could remain locked in list views, preventing posting from proceeding.

User - Bug Fix: You no longer need to restart the AV Server for new Users to be recognized.

Web Server - Bug Fix: Dashboards were not being drawn sometimes.

Web Server - Change: Use floating palette window type for Web Server Monitor window.

Warehouse Transfer - Add check before saving Warehouse Transfer to ensure inventory transactions balance.