Quick Check & Other Check Account Entries

Sometimes you might need to cut a check for office supplies (or for that employee appreciation pizza party next Friday! Right?!). Or maybe you need to print an AP Check but you don't want (or need) to go through the typical AP Check printing process. If this is the case, then a Quick Check will be your best bet.

Or, perhaps you need to make some Other (new AV 2018) entry to the Checking account, but without printing an actual paper check. Record a bank fee, an ACH payment, etc.

For AV 2015 there is a new Foreign Currency feature that can be used for Purchasing & AP. If you plan on using this feature to print FC checks then you will need to download and install the Foreign Currency custom form for checks.

  1. Download the AP Check form with support for Foreign Currency here.
  2. Open up the folder where your AV Client application is.
    • Mac: Applications/AcctVantage Client/INSTALL
    • Windows: C:\AcctVantage Client\INSTALL (or C:\Program Files\AcctVantage Client\INSTALL)
  3. Within the AcctVantage Client folder you will see a folder titled INSTALL. Drop the custom form installer into the INSTALL folder and restart your AV Client app -- the form will be automatically loaded. The form is named AP Check v6.
  4. Select this new custom form to use when printing Quick Checks. See Step #4 below.
    • Note: This is just a standard custom form. It will not automatically be in alignment with your check stock. It is likely that it will require some minor formatting changes in order to line up. Submit a tech support request if you have further questions about this.

1. Open the Check Register.

Navigate to Accounts Payable ➤ Check Register.

Open the Check Register.

2. Create a New Record

For an "Other" entry, skip to Step 6

3. Create a Quick Check from the Check Register

3.1. Standard Quick Check written in USD

  1. The Party Name will attempt to match to an existing Vendor record.  If there is no matching Vendor record you will have the option to create a new Vendor or Cancel. If you choose Cancel, you can continue to write the check to your Party Name without creating a new Vendor record. In other words, you can write a check to The Pizza Guy without having to set up a new vendor record.
  2. Click the "+" symbol to add a new line item. Enter your GL Expense Account Name or Code, the Amount to be paid and (optionally) a Memo. If you add more than one GL Account, the check amount will be the sum of the amounts for each expense account indicated.
  3. You might need to check the 1099 box if you are planning on sending this Party an IRS Form 1099 for the tax year. If you are hand writing the Quick Check then select the Hand Write box so AV doesn't send it to the Print Checks queue.
  4. Click OK to save.

3.2. Foreign Currency Quick Check.

  1. Enter the Voucher ID for the Voucher you want to pay. This can be found on the original Voucher.
    • The Party (i.e. Vendor) and Party Address will automatically be populated based on the Voucher.
  2. Verify the Foreign Currency and Exchange Rate is correct.
    • The Foreign Currency will be pulled from the original Voucher. It can be changed here if necessary.
    • The Exchange Rate will be pulled from the FC definition. It can also be changed here if necessary, although it won't update the FC definition.
  3. Enter the FC amount for each line item.
  4. Verify the rest of the info on the Quick Check is accurate and click OK to save the record.

4. Select the Custom Form to use when printing.

Go to Administration ➤ System Configuration ➤ Accounts Payable to set the Custom Form to use when printing Quick Checks.

Note: You only need to do this once. After you've selected the Quick Check Form the first time, AV will use that same form each time you print.

Go to Accounts Payable ➤ Make Payments (Accounts Payable ➤ Print Checks in AV 2015 and earlier)

  1. Select the Quick Check as the Disbursement Type.
  2. Select the Payment Source.
  3. Mark the check to be printed.
  4. Click Print to send the Quick Check to the printer.

Don't forget to return to the Check Register to Post the Quick Check after you've confirmed that it was printed correctly!

6. "Other" Entries

New for AcctVantage 2018

An Other entry is entered in just the same way as a Quick Check above, but without having a Check Number assigned.

Other entries are perfect for bank fees, ACH payments or other transactions that may have required an Adjusting Journal Entry in previous AcctVantage versions.

Data entry for an Other record mirrors a Quick Check with the exception of printing; there is no print (other than a Journal, see File > Print Journals) function.