NACHA File Export

New for AcctVantage 2018

To assist with streamlining on-line payments, AcctVantage has introduced support for NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) formatted payment exports.

For more on NACHA, please refer to as well as your banking institution guidelines.

The export file produced by AcctVantage follows the guidlines established by NACHA and documented here:


Company Setup

Your Federal Tax ID is a required component of the NACHA export.  Record the Tax ID in Administration > System Setup as in the screenshot above.

Checking Account Setup

AcctVantage supports NACHA file exports for any General Ledger account designated with a Setup type of "A -Checking".  The account must also have valid Bank Name, Account Number and Routing Number information.

Payment Type Setup

For general information on Payment Types, please refer to: Payment Types and Pay a bill with an alternate Payment Type (i.e. Credit Card, ACH, Wire, etc.)

NACHA exports are available for any Payment Type that is associated with a designated Checking Account.  Select the Generate NACHA Export box to enable NACHA processing.

Vendor Setup

NACHA exports require your Vendor's bank account information. Go to Accounts Payable > Vendors, open each Vendor record and record the banking information. Account and Routing information is required.

Process a NACHA Export

To export the NACHA file, follow the normal steps to Set Up and Print an AP Check Run

In the Make Payments screen, be sure to select the NACHA enabled Payment Type as in the above screen shot.

Once you Process the payment, you will be asked for a location to save the export file(s) as in the screenshot below.

When the export is complete, a confirmation dialog will be displayed.

Then, your checks will continue to print as normal.

Uploading the NACHA file

Each banking institution will have a unique process for uploading the NACHA file.  Please refer to your bank's documentation for further instructions.