AcctVantage ERP 2015 - Release Notes

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version of AcctVantage is based on 4D v13. If you are currently running AV 2013 or a previous version (based on 4D v12 or earlier) you will need to obtain licenses for 4D v13 prior to beginning the process to update to this version.

v2015.1.3.0 (10/10/2016)

General - Mac OS Sierra 10.12

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: OK & Voucher was not working correctly


Sales Order - Addresses and emails were not loading on XML imported sales orders when the customer was a new client.


Sales Order - In certain situations, address info was not being pulled into sales orders when the client was entered.

v2015.1.2.7 8/5/2016

Sales Order - Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order was not working with kits.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Kit brokered prices were not saving.

Sales Order - New script hooks available when calculating Sales Order totals.

v2015.1.2.6 6/28/2016

Quick List - Bug Fix: Previous update of quick lists disabled sorting.

Work Order - New script added on warehouse selection added

v2015.1.2.5 - 6/17/2016

Receipts - Reserved AR and deposit items could be applied on new receitps.

Sales Order - Client selection popup now has a 'New Record' button.

User - Added new User telephone extension field

Work Order - Bug Fix: Multi-warehouse work order exploding would reference the 'in process' warehouse instead of the 'finished' warehouse.

Work Order - Bug Fix: In certain situations total cost was not calculating correctly when exploding a work order.

v2015.1.2.4 - 6/1/2016

Excel Support - New worksheets on Excel files can now be named.

Work Order - New script hook for line item customization.

XML Import - New Feature: Quotes can now be created using XML import.


Purchase Order - Bug fix: Creating a purchase order from a sales order was not working.

Receipts - New script hooks for Receipt window.


Sales Orders - Bug fix: 'Remaining to fill' was not displaying on Sales Orders.

Version Updates -  Fixed bug where 'Version Number does not match' was displayed whenever a server installation was updated.

v2015.1.2.0 - 3/21/2015

Client - Bug Fix: Client Price Break global replace was not working.

Financial Reports - Bug Fix: Reports were being saved with a '.txt' extension instead of '.xml'.

Inventory Locking - Bug Fix: Lock date and time were being set every time the record was saved instead of just when the lot was locked.

Products - Bug fix: In certain situations, updating existing components on a kit recipe would be disallowed.

Purchase Order - Bug fix: In certain situations, 'On PO' value was being calculated incorrectly.

Purchase Order - Purchase orders can now have both inventory and non-inventory items on the same PO.

Receipts - Users can now set a default Receipt Type in System Configuration.

Sales Document - Bug Fix: When duplicating a Sales Document, it would be stuck in Read-Only mode when first opened.

Sales Order - New Feature: Lot selection field on the Fulfilment tab is now sortable.

Warehouse Transfer - New Feature: Lot selection field on the Fulfilment tab is now sortable.

Warehouse Transfer - New Feature: Default number of empty lines on new Warehouse Transfers can be set in System Setup.

Work Order - A component part number may now appear more than once on a single BOM (Assembly only, not Kits)

Work Order - In certain situations, an incorrect lot could be selected when exploding a work order.

v2015.1.1.7 - 12/09/2015

Products - Two new custom text fields added to the Product record.

Work Order - Bug fix: In certain situations, selected lots on Work Orders were not being properly drawn from.

v2015.1.1.6 - 12/03/2015

Products - Bug Fix: In certain situations an error message would appear when duplicating an invoice.

Products - Bug Fix: Error messages were appearing when saving Product records.

Work Orders - Bug Fix: Error messages were appearing when saving Work Order records.

v2015.1.1.5 - 12/01/2015

Inventory Locking - Bug Fix: In certain situations, lots were being locked when there is available quantity.

Inventory Maintenance - Bug Fix: If multiple lots with quantity remaining have the same Lot Number, the oldest lot would always be selected durring and Inventory Maintenance draw.

Magento - Debug windows disabled.

Print Financial Reports - The 'Print Financial Reports' window will now stay open after a report has been printed.

Product - Bug Fix: In certain situations, the Alias tab would not load correctly.

Product - New Feature: New Custom Fields on Recipe Component records.

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: Errors were occurring when free-form entry was used on Supply PO's.

Purchase Order - New Feature: Notes fields on Purchase Orders can now be edited when the PO is marked as 'Closed'.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: In certain situations, an error message would appear when duplicating an invoice.

Shipping - New Feature: AV now supports multiple simultaneous shipping stations using the flat file exchange.

System Setup - Updated field labels to reflect new terminology.

Warehouse Transfer - Bug Fix: Freight distribution was not recalculating when a line item was modified.

Warehouse Transfer - Bug Fix: In certain situation, warehouse transfers with serialized line items could not be received.

Warehouse Transfer - Bug Fix: Warehouse Transfers were not voiding.

Work Orders - New Feature: Assembly build steps can be defined on a Product record and displayed on the Work Order.

v2015.1.1.4 - 10/07/2015

AP Voucher - Bug fix: When duplicating a voucher, the custom fields were being skipped.

General - Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan' now supported.

Inventory Maintenance - New Feature: Unit of Measure now supported on Inventory Maintenance.

Product - New tab of custom fields on the Product record.

v2015.1.1.3 - 09/28/2015

Accounts Payable - New system configuration setting to define default date used when voiding a check.

Inventory Sub Account - Bug fix: Locations were not being retained upon saving a Product record.

Purchase Order - Bug fix: The unit of measure field on Supply type PO's was causing an error.

Warehouse Transfer - Bug fix: New system check to prevent a warehouse transfer from being received multiple times.

v2015.1.1.2 - 09/24/2015

Adjusting Journal Entries - Bug Fix: AIP items were not being completely closed when adjusted to $0.00 by an AJE.

AR Aging - Cross-Reference to Receipts added.

Backorders - Bug Fix: In certain situations, it was possible to fill a Kit backorder when the original Sales Order was unposted.

Check - Bug Fix: Fixed missing detail when printing Check journals.

General - Bug Fix: In certain situation, the quick search field could become un-enterable.

General - Windows 10 compatibility confirmed.

Inventory - Users can now 'lock' a lot from the Lot detail view, preventing it from being sold on Sales Orders.

Posting - Bug Fix: When selecting Work Orders to post in 'Post Transactions', it was possible to select records that weren't yet marked as 'Ready to Post'.

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: When the Primary and Secondary Vendors on a Product record matched, the Secondary Vendor Part Number was being defaulted to on new PO line items.

Purchase Orders - PO's created by an SO were not updating the SO if the PO was closed.

Purchase Orders - For PO's created from SO's, decimal precision will now respect what is defined in System Setup.

Quick Check - Bug Fix: FC Amount was not auto-populating when an FC voucher ID was entered.

Receipts - Cross-Reference to AR Aging added.

Sales Document - Cross-Reference to Ship To Address added.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: After a kit was entered on a Sales Order, in some situations pressing tab would not move to the next column.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Kit Price Breaks were not being applied if the kit was modified on the Sales Order.

Sales Orders - New Feature: Line items are now optional on Sales Orders and Credit Memos to allow for 'Freight only' invoices.

Sales Orders - New Feature: On the Sales Order list view, Part Number & Product Name quick searches will now work with Kits.

Sales Report - Bug Fix: The report 'Product Class Sales Comparison' was not displaying PTD cost and profit correctly.

Sales Report - 'Include All Clients' option on 'Sales Fiscal Year by Client' report.

Serial Numbers - Bug fix: Serial Numbers returned on unassociated credit memos to a different warehouse were not showing as available in the new warehouse.

Ship To Address - Cross-Reference to Sales Document added.

Users - In User Access Levels, the System Access checkboxes were not displaying correctly.

View Editor - Bug Fix: Columns were scrolling independently in the view editor instead of all at once.

Voucher - Bug Fix: Fixed missing detail when printing AP Voucher journals.

Vouchers - Bug fix: Voided Purchase Events were showing up as selectable line items on new vouchers.

Warehouse Transfer - Change: To and From Locations will first fill from InvenSubAccount location field. If the value is still blank then it will be set to the default warehouse location.

v2015.1.1.1 - 08/21/2015

MRP - Fixed bug where work order draw was calculating incorrectly on parent assembly.

Scripts - New 'Report' category for scripting.

Warehouse Transfer - In certain situations, freight was not correctly being distributed into warehouse transfer line items.

v2015.1.1.0 - 07/23/2015

Jobs - Bug Fix: Only one new Job record could be created at a time.

Receipt - Receipt ID added to the Receipt detail screen.

Voucher - 'Pay Mark' button was not automatically setting foreign currency amount if applicable.

Warehouse Transfers - Bug Fix: Line items could be deleted from a WH Transfer that has been marked as 'Picked'.

Warehouse Transfers - Bug Fix: Warehouse Transfers dates could be changed in situations were no change is allowed.

Warehouse Transfers - Bug Fix: Warehouse Transfers with Freight charge were not being posted.

v2015.1.0.9 - 07/09/2015

Client - Sales Master memo cursor doesn't retain position when using Time Stamp button.

Contacts - Bug Fix: Table 'ContactMailing' could not be saved to.

Sales Order - New Feature: Line item tab order can now be adjusted.

Sales Order - Line items were not updating when using part number scan field.

Sales Orders - Client refund check was not setting Balance Due on Sales Document

Scripts - Bug Fix: Errors were occurring if all 9 script parameters were used on Windows.

Voucher - AIP Column on voucher window was not formatting correctly.

Work Orders - Bug Fix: GL account pop up was not working on GL tab of work orders.

v2015.1.0.8 - 06/15/2015

General - Script Scheduler could cause system slowness.

Inventory Lots - New 'Document Status' column on Inventory Transaction tab of Lot records.

Purchase Order - Removed lot number restrictions when receiving inventory POs.

Unit of Measure - Added default Unit of Measure for Warehouse Transfers to Product record.

v2015.1.0.7 - 05/14/2015

AR / AP Aging reports - Fixed AR / AP Aging report bug.

General - In certain situations, AV would become unresponsive.

v2015.1.0.6 - 05/05/2015

Adjusting Journal Entry - Bug Fix: Fixed missing detail when printing AJE journals.

AP Aging - Bug fix: Document Date and Due date could not be modified even if that user had permissions set to be able to.

AR / AP Aging reports - AR / AP Aging report optimization for faster running.

Client - Client memo cursor wasn't retaining its position after drilling down into other records.

Clients - Bug fix: Default deposit account was missing when creating multiple Clients in a row.

Dashboard - Right click navigation wasn't working when the Dashboard was selected.

Inven Lot - Mask Lot Value Fields when using Moving Average costing.

List view - Bug fix: In certain situations the quick search field could behave erratically.

Print List View - Reduced font size when printing a list view.

Product - New Feature: Default foreign currency PO cost.

Products - Added assembly memo to Bill of Materials report.

Products - Units of Measure can be tagged to force only whole unit draws on Sales Orders

Purchase Order - Bug fix: Remove cost update popup when changing unit of measure on a PO line item.

Purchase Orders - Added Weight, Volume and Piece count to PO's.

Receipts - Allow for NP Receipt Batch Posting. The Receipt will become locked as soon as it is assigned a Batch Deposit ID.

Receipts - Credit Card Pre-Auths can be manually added into AV if they were created elsewhere and then process normally.

Sales Document / Pick & Pack - New 'Pick' button for order fulfilment.

Sales Order - Don’t force update of sell price when changing required ship date.

Sales Order - New script hooks for adding / modifying kit components on a Sales Order.

Sales Order - Display component notes and reference when viewing Kit components from within a sales order.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Consignee Phone Number on BOL tab of Sales Order was not getting populated.

Sales Order / Purchase Order - Bug fix: Sales Order or PO line items would become un-enterable when losing focus to another application.

Sales Order / Purchase Order - Bug fix: Decimal Precision was not correct for field Default PO Cost on SO's/PO's.

Scripts - Restored 'minutes' to script scheduler.

Tasks - Bug fix: Opening a Task sometimes defaulted to the Additional Info tab.

Tax Area - New Feature: Up to 5 places of decimal precision in tax area percentages.

Trial Balance - Bug fix: Trial Balance was printing duplicate lines.

Warehouse Transfers - New 'Pick' button for auto-fulfillment.

Warehouse Transfers - Warehouse transfers now maintain current lot number during receiving.

Warehouse Transfers - Added support for Units of Measure.

Warehouse Transfers - New lot fulfilment tab, multiple lots can be selected for a single line item.

Work Order - Sub work order required date is now set to parent work order date.

Work Order - Updated the WO GL tab to operate the same as the Inventory tab.

Work Order - Change: If the average cost of a WO component is $0.00, use the default PO cost for Work Order Explode instead.

v2015.1.0.5 - 03/02/2015

Accounts Payable - New Feature: New 'Notes' field on AP Aging and Disbursements.

Accounts Payable - New Feature: Can create a quick check to a Client against an open AR document.

Client / Ship To Address - Bug Fix: Ship Via couldn't be deleted from Client or Ship To record.

General - Bug Fix: Various system report totals were not printing.

General - Bug Fix: Grand totals were not showing when printing a list view.

General - Bug Fix: Remove carriage returns and line feeds from List View Exports.

Invoice Detail - Bug Fix: Piece Count fields weren't being set to [InvoicePrintDetail].

Jobs - Bug Fix: Unrelated phases were being hidden after viewing a task.

Jobs - New Feature: Added Unit of Measure to PO and Invoice lists on Job records

Jobs - New Feature: Dates now showing on Job Phases and Tasks

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: When modifying PO quantities, unit cost may change unexpectedly.

Quick Report - Bug Fix: Quick Report parameters font size was changing when editing values.

Quick Report - Bug Fix: Quick Report parameters are not printing.

Sales Order - New Feature: More descriptive inventory error messages on Sales Orders.

Work Order - New Feature: New Script hook during Work Order creation from a Sales Order.

Work Order - New Feature: Fields from related Sales Document and Invoice Detail records can be used in the Work Order list view.

v2015.1.0.4 - 02/05/2015

Accounts Payable - Bug Fix: AP Aging reports would exclude some records in certain situations.

Accounts Receivable - Bug Fix: AR Aging reports would exclude some records in certain situations.

Client - Bug Fix: Client could lose Price Breaks after 'View Within' from Client detail form.

General - In certain situations tabs and carriage returns could be entered into the quick search field.

General - Bug Fix: List View Export not working if rightmost column was from a related table.

Inventory Maintenance - Bug Fix: The quantity field could incorrectly be entered on Assemblies built in Inventory Maintenance after being saved.

List View - Bug Fix: List View not always refreshing properly.

MRP - Bug Fix: MRP Calc was not repecting PO unit of measure multiplier.

Product - Bug Fix: Custom fields on the Product record were expanding when they should remain fixed width.

Product - Bug Fix: Modifying Kit BOM was not always updating existing Order lines properly.

Product - Bug Fix: Global Replace Price Breaks was not working for the product's base Unit of Measure.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Default Vendor Cost was not being properly assigned on products using larger Units of Measure

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Use default PO cost if average cost is zero on unassociated Credit Memo returns.

v2015.1.0.3 - 01/27/2015

Adjusting Journal Entries - Bug fix: DocID was not being saved on [AdjustingEntry_DETAIL] records for AR/AP documents that were created by an AJE.

General - Update Beckware copyright dates and OS compatibility text.

General - In certain situations tabs and carriage returns could be entered into the quick search field

General - Alert messages can now use multiple colors/fonts/styles.

List View - Bug Fix: List view was 'blinking' when a record was selected.

Planner - Bug Fix: Calendar icons were not moving as the Planner Task or Event screens were resized.

Product - Update Average cost calculation when rebuilding Inventory sub accounts to match the save Product trigger.

Receipts - Bug fix: Unposted receipts could be batch deposited.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Non-enterable columns in line item detail were not greyed out.

Trial Balance - Bug Fix: Exporting the Trial Balance caused errors and did not work.

Vendor - Bug Fix: Vendor Free Freight prompt is appearing even if no Free Freight Threshold is entered.

Vendor - When updating a vendor name the secondary vendor field on a product record could be updated incorrectly.

Vendor Price Break - Product <-> Vendor Price Break cross references missing.

v2015.1.0.2 - 12/29/2014

General - Bug Fix: User Access Permissions were being lost during upgrading

v2015.1.0.1 - 12/10/2014

Check - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, a new Quick Check record will show line items that don't belong to it.

Client - Bug Fix: Client address was showing in credit card address boxes even if no credit card entered.

Debit Memos - Bug Fix: Could not select a lot on Debit Memos.

General - Move auto-saving of choice list data to Once Daily Update.

General - Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Compatibility

Import Wizard - Grant access to the Import Wizard to users with access to system setup.

Import Wizard - Bug Fix: Default UM set if none specified when importing price breaks.

Job - Bug Fix: The address was not displayed properly on the Job detail form.

Jobs - Update: New script hook that runs when client name is modified

Jobs - New Feature: Configurable 'Custom List' tab now on Job detail form.

Navigation - Change: Added Import Wizard to each module.

Navigation - Change: Some menu items were moved to more appropriate modules.

Navigation - New Feature: New Navigation Bar button icons.

Once Daily Update - Once daily update routine no longer waits for locked product and client records.

Once Daily Update - New Feature: Added system configuration preferences for enabling/disabling a few once daily update tasks.

Once Daily Update - Added new script hooks.

Pick Pack - Update: Scannable field on Pick/pack can be set to either Sales Doc ID or Invoice Number.

Pick Pack - Bug fix: Pick Pack window was showing a balance due when none was.

Pricing - New Feature: Price breaks now have a Max Qty as part of the price definition.

Product - New Feature: Expanded Unit of Measure.

Products - Bug fix: Kit prices were not updating correctly when changing a kit from 'Fixed Price' to the sum of its components.

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: Expiration date entry on PO receiving screen was not accepting data entry.

Purchasing - New Feature: Foreign currency support for Purchasing.

Quick Check - Bug Fix: Printing Quick Checks was not respecting print preview on Mac.

Quick Check - Bug: Tabbing through the GL fields on a quick check was causing a lockup.

Sales Order - Update: Sales Document ID is now passed to Inventory Maintenance when auto building assemblies from an order.

Sales Order - New script hooks when calculating sales order promotions.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Creating more than one Work Order from Sales Orders was causing an error.

Sales Order - New Feature: Bill of Lading tab on Sales Order and Pick/Pack windows.

Sales Order - Bug fix: Job costs were not displaying on Sales Orders.

Sales Order - Bug fix: The Quote Release Date popup and field were affecting Required Ship Date info.

Sales Order - Bug fix: When adjusting a kit on a sales order, sometimes the price would appear incorrect.

Ship To - New Feature: Ship To records now have defaults for Price Break and Warehouse.

System Configuration - Bug Fix: Modifying a system configuration setting was causing the list to jump to the top.

Tasks - Bug Fix: Couldn't click through to tasks on alert notice.

Vendor - Bug Fix: Default GL accounts for Vendors were not being saved.

Work Order - Update: Build quantity must be entered before work order can be saved.

Work Order - Bug Fix: In certain situations multiple 'auto-created' GL entries could be generated and saved.