Void a Check (or a Check Register Entry)

Important Note: If the check was an AP Disbursement check, the associated AP Document(s) (initiated by either Voucher or Journal Entry) will be credited. This means that the Disbursement(s) will be reopened. The AP Document(s) will reappear on aging reports and open AP Disbursement lists.

  • If you want to go ahead and pay the Vendor at some point, you would apply payment on the re-opened Disbursement and proceed with the check printing procedure as usual.
  • If you wish to close the AP Document without paying it, then you could create an Adjusting Journal Entry close the open AP Document.


NEW FEATURE for AV 2015.1.1.3

There is now a setting that will let you use either the Check Date or Current Date as the default date that will be used to void the check as of. See the last step in this article for more info.

1. Find the Check in the Check Register.

Note: You must post any associated Disbursements before the check record can be displayed in the Check Register.

  • Highlight the check and then select Void Check from the Action menu.

2. Are you sure?

Are you sure?

3. Enter a Post To date.

Choose the effective posting date of the void transaction.

  • An Adjusting Journal Entry will be created that will reverse the effects of Printing the Check and Posting the Disbursement. The date you select will be used as the Post To date for the Adjusting Journal Entry. A dialog will indicate the ID number of the new Adjusting Journal Entry.
  • The Journal Entry will have two lines, one that debits the checking account and one that credits any expense account that the check was written against.
Enter a Post To date.

4. The Journal Entry was created.

The Journal Entry was created.

5. Post the Journal Entry

Highlight the Journal Entry, open the Action Menu and choose Post selected records.

6. Choose the Default Void Check Date.

  1. Navigate to Administration System Configuration and select Accounts Payable from the drop-down menu.
  2. Find the setting for Default Void Check Date -- double click to select either Check Date or Current Date.
  3. Click OK to save the System Configuration change.