Reprint a Check

These instructions will teach you how to reprint a check if you've already accepted a check run and posted the Disbursements.

1. Mark the check to be reprinted.

  1. Navigate to the Check Register.
  2. Find and highlight the posted check to be reprinted.
  3. Open the Action Menu and select Mark to REPRINT Checks.

1.1. Confirmation...

Select OK to proceed.


1.2. The check is ready to be reprinted.

The Printed Date will now read To Reprint.

2. Reprint the check.

  1. Navigate to the Accounts Payable > Make Payments (Print Checks in AV 2015 and earlier) window.
  2. Select Quick Check from the Disbursement Type list.
    • Checks that have been marked to reprint will always be located under Quick Checks.
    • The reprinted check will maintain the original party, check number, amount, etc. If you need to change any of these the check will need to be voided.
  3. Select the check from the list.
  4. Click the Print button and proceed with printing the check as normal.