Web Enabled Devices

AcctVantage Mobile features are compatible with modern web browsers running on virtually any desktop or handheld device. There are hundreds of variations of web enabled devices available today: phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, net books...It would be nearly impossible to test them all.  The list below is by no means a definitive guide; it is simply a list of what we used in our testing environment.

  • Windows 10 with Chrome
  • Mac OS 10.9-10.12 with Safari and Chrome
  • iPad (2-4) with SwipeTrack, Safari and Chrome
  • iPod Touch (iOS9.3) with SwipeTrack, Safari and Chrome
  • iPhone 5s (iOS10.1.1) with SwipeTrack
  • iPhone 6 (iOS 10.1.1) with SwipeTrack and Safari