Add a new Warehouse

The Warehouse area documents where you store your Inventory. In AcctVantage, you can have as many Warehouses as desired. For each Warehouse, you are able to define storage/receiving Locations (at least one Location per Warehouse is mandatory). This information, as well as the Warehouse address and phone, is handy when receiving new Inventory and arranging Product shipment to customers.

AcctVantage will track Inventory quantities and General Ledger information for each Warehouse separately, as well as Company-wide information.

1. Open the Warehouse window

Navigate to Warehouse Management ➤ Warehouses (Inventory ➤ Warehouses in AV 2015 or earlier)

Open the Warehouse window

2. Create a New Warehouse record

Click the Create New Record icon or use the keyboard shortcut Command + N.

3. Enter the Warehouse details

Warehouse Name: The name of the Warehouse. This name can be displayed on any Custom Forms as the Ship To or Ship From location.

  • Address 1 & 2: The street address of the Warehouse.
  • City: The name of the city in which the Warehouse is located.
  • State: The mailing code for the state or province in which the Warehouse is located.
  • Zip: The Zip Code for the Warehouse.
  • Country: The country in which the Warehouse is located.
  • Telephone Main: The main telephone number of the Warehouse, including area code.
  • Facsimile: The fax number at the Warehouse, including area code.
  • E-mail: The e-mail address of the Warehouse, if any.
  • Inactive: If selected, the Warehouse will be marked as not currently in use. No items can be received into or shipped from the Warehouse. Information about the Warehouse will remain in the system.
  • Locations: This list specifies subareas within the Warehouse. Click on the “+” to add a Location. To delete a line, click on it, then click on the trash can icon. Each Warehouse must have at least one location.
    • Default Location: The location within the Warehouse that you will refer to most often in your shipping and receiving papers.
  • Product Classes: This area is read-only on the Warehouse record. It displays a list of Product Classes that are active for the current Warehouse.
Enter the Warehouse details

Virtual Warehouses

A Warehouse may be created in AcctVantage to track Inventory that is owned by the company but not physically available to ship on Orders. This may include Inventory that is carried on service trucks, in transit from overseas, at a trade show, sales rep's samples, etc.

Inventory may be moved between the physical Warehouse and the virtual Warehouse through the Warehouse Transfer process.

In Transit

In many cases, Products ordered from overseas are owned by your company from the point they leave the foreign dock. To track this accurately in AcctVantage, it is suggested that you initially enter the Purchase Order to the In Transit Warehouse. Receive the units on the Purchase Order when the boat has sailed. This will place the Products' value into your Inventory asset and Inventory holding accounts immediately, but prevent the Products from being shipped on sales orders out of your physical Warehouse. When the container arrives, enter a Warehouse Transfer to move the units in AcctVantage from the virtual Warehouse to the appropriate physical Warehouse.