Adjust Accounts Payable

Did your Vendor invoice your company for an incorrect amount? Maybe they charged you for Freight when they were supposed to pick up the tab? If you've already posted the Voucher, you might need to adjust Accounts Payable. This is accomplished through an Adjusting Journal Entry (accessed through the General Ledger Module.)

Create an Adjusting Journal Entry

  1. First, you'll need to Create a new Adjusting Journal Entry (General Ledger ➤ Adjusting Journal Entries ➤ Create New Record).
  2. To adjust Accounts Payable for a Vendor you will add a line item where the Line Type is VEND, GL Name will be the Vendor Name and GL Code will auto-populate.
  • When you tab out of the GL Name field you may see a list containing the Vouchers related to that Vendor. From this list select the Voucher that you are adjusting.  If you do not wish to adjust an open item, click Cancel.
  • If you do not see a list of open Vouchers, or have canceled the list of open items, you can enter the vendor's invoice number for a closed AP item in the "Apply to which Document #" pop up window.
  • Finally, if there is no existing open or closed AP item to adjust and you wish to add a new entry to the vendor's account, Cancel the "Apply to Which Document #" pop up window.  The debit/credit entry entered on the AJE line for the Vendor will result in a new entry on the vendor's AP account.

The next Line Type will depend on the reason for the adjustment. In this particular example, I selected GL because we needed to reduce Freight on this Invoice.