Record a Journal Entry

1. Open the Adjusting Journal Entry window

Navigate to General Ledger ➤ Adjusting Journal Entries

Open the Adjusting Journal Entry window

2. Create a New Record

Click the Create New Record icon or use the keyboard shortcut Command + N.

3. Enter the Journal Entry data

  1. Memo: The Memo field is mandatory on Journal Entries.
  2. Type: Select either One Time or Recurring. If One Time is selected you will also need to select the Post To Date. Be mindful of this as this is the date the transaction will be applied to your General Ledger. The majority of adjustments will be "One Time" entries. Recurring entries act as templates for transactions that occur with some frequency, such as depreciation adjustments.
  3. Line Items
  • Add new line items by clicking the + symbol.
  • Select the Line Type for the new line. See this lesson for more info on Line Types. Your next action will depend on the Line Type selected.
  • Enter a Debit or Credit Amount for each line item.
  • Make sure the entry is In Balance. If the entry is out of balance AV will not allow it to be posted.
  • Click OK to save and don't forget to Post the Journal Entry!