Mark (or unmark) a check as a 1099 payment. (old)

This is a legacy article. These instructions do still work but they're only applicable for the old 1099 report. Please see the article for the new Vendor Payments Report, which automatically includes payments made using Alternate Payment Types.

If you have the need to change the 1099 status of a check, this is how to do it:

1. Open the Check Register

Navigate to Accounts Payable ➤ Check Register.

Open the Check Register

2. Change the 1099 Status.

  1. Highlight a check in the Check Register.
  2. Open the Action Menu and select Change 1099 Status.

3. Mark 1099 Checkbox.

Select either...

  • Mark as 1099 Checked
  • Mark as 1099 Not Checked

...and then click OK to finish.

Note: If the check is already at the status you are changing it to, no action will be taken.

Mark 1099 Checkbox.