Export a Vendor Payments (1099) Report

Helpful in preparing 1099 forms for submission to the IRS, the 1099 report script provides 2 exports in a single process.  First is a detailed spreadsheet showing all payments made to the selected vendors during a calendar year.  Second is a summary containing the info commonly used to import into 1099 reporting software.

1. Install the 1099 Reporting export script

Download and unzip the attachment below 👇

To install the script:

  1. Log in as the user Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration ➤ Scripts.
  3. Open the Action Menu, select Load Installer and point to the script file you downloaded. You should receive a confirmation that the script was installed successfully.

Now you're ready to export the 1099 report. See the next step.

2. Export the 1099 report.

  1. Navigate to Accounts Payable (or Purchasing) ➤ Vendors.
  2. Using any of the available search tools, find the Vendors who you want to print the report for.
    • Note: There is a checkbox on the Account Info tab of Vendor record to flag the Vendor as a 1099 Vendor. This is where that check box becomes most useful.
  3. Highlight the list of Vendors.
  4. Open the Action Menu and select 1099 Reporting.
  5. Enter the Fiscal Year for the Report.
  6. Select a save location for the Report.
    • By default, the system will export the following types of payments:
      • Any Checks printed using the Print Checks process (AP Disbursements)
      • Quick Checks that are not associated with an AP Voucher
      • Payments made using Alternate Payment Types (credit card, wire transfer, etc.) via the the Print Checks process (AP Disbursements)
      • AP Vouchers paid directly using a Payment Method other than AP, Open or AP, Marked to Pay
  7. There will be 2 files exported. These will both be tab-delimited text files that you can open in your usual spreadsheet program.
    • Vendor Payment Summary: This report shows totals of the payments made to the selected Vendors.
    • Vendor Payment Detail: This report shows each detail of each payment made to the selected Vendors.