Global Replace for Assembly/Kit Components

This article details the process to replace a common Assembly or Kit component in one batch, as opposed to manually changing the Bill of Materials for each item.

It is a common occurrence to have multiple Assembly or Kit Products that share a common component on the Bill of Materials. A situation may arise where this common component is being replaced with a different component. This could happen for a variety of reasons -- the Vendor might have discontinued a component or maybe your purchasing department has found a more cost-effective replacement or it could be that customers' needs have changed.

Whatever the case might be, this Global Replace feature will expedite the process to Replace one BOM component with a different BOM component for a selection of Assemblies or Kits. You can also leverage this feature to either Add or Delete a common BOM component from a selection of items.

1. Select the Products that need to have the Bill of Materials changed.

Find and highlight the list of Assemblies or Kits that you need to modify the Bill of Materials for.


  • This particular Global Replace feature only works for Assembly or Kit Products.
  • If you are using the Replace or Delete feature then these Products must all have a common component on each respective Bill of Materials.
  • If you are using the Add feature, then they don't need to share a common BOM component.

2. Open the Global Replace window.

With the Products that you want to change highlighted, go to the List Menu at the top of the screen and select Global Replace.

3. Modify the Bills of Materials for the selected Products.

At the top of the window you should see Product Global Replace followed by the number of records you selected.

  1. Select the Price Breaks & Components tab.
  2. Check either the Add, Delete or Replace button. (For the purposes of this article I am using the Replace feature.)
  3. Fill out the fields highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below:
    • Enter the Part Number of the component that you want to Replace in the Delete/Replace Part Number field.
    • Enter the Part Number and Quantity of the replacement component in the Add Part Number and Quantity fields, respectively.
    • Also, enter a Line Memo (if necessary). The Unit Sell Price will auto-fill based on the component's Product Record but you can change that for the BOM if you need to.
  4. When you are done, click OK to update the Bills of Materials for the selected Assemblies or Kits.


There is no Undo function here. It is always our recommendation to run a backup of the database before changing data in this manner.

Global Replace Log

When the routine is finished updating the items you've selected, you will see the Global Replace Log that will display the list of Products that have changed.