Reassign Product Class

New feature alert for AV 20.0.6!

Product classes can now be reassigned for Products! This is an all-new feature that will let you change the Product Class (and therefore change the GL Accounting) for your Products.

Open the Product record and change the Product Class

The Product Class field is now enterable on the Product record.

To change the Product Class for an existing Product, simply open up the Product record and enter a different Product Class. If you need a Product Class that does not yet exist please see this link.

The system requires that there is zero Real-time Inventory when changing the Product Class. Both the quantity and value must be zero and all inventory-related transactions must be posted.

If you see a message that looks similar to the message below, you will need to draw out all inventory (across all warehouses) and post all inventory-related transactions before you can change the Product Class.

Once the Product Class change is effective, all GL accounting for the Product will be driven by the new Product Class.