Import Warehouse Locations

This article illustrates how to import Warehouse Locations en masse. This is not a standard feature in AcctVantage; it is driven by a custom script that is attached to this article below.

You will need to have your locations in Column A (no header) of an XLS or XLSX file. Any other data will be disregarded.

This script is designed to work only in AV 2018 or later.

1. Install the script

Download the file attached above and install the script:

  1. Log in as the user Administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > Scripts.
  3. Open the Action Menu, select Load Installer and point to the attached script file that you downloaded.

2. Import the Warehouse Locations

1. Navigate to Warehouse Management > Warehouses

2. Open the Action Menu and select Import Locations.

3. Select the Warehouse to import locations into.

4. Choose whether to Replace existing locations or Append locations to the existing list.

5. At the prompt, select the Excel file with the Locations in Column A. The Locations will be imported; other data in the Excel file will be disregarded.

If you choose the option to Replace existing Locations, this will overwrite all existing locations. This can not be undone!

We highly suggest to keep a master spreadsheet of Locations for each of your Warehouses as a backup!