Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers are formatted in the Product record and assigned (either manually or automatically) when the Products are entered into Inventory. (i.e. When they are received on a PO or if the Product is an Assembly the Serial Number will be assigned when the item is built via a Work Order.) When a Serialized item is sold, the Serial Number will be selected on the Fulfillment tab of the Sales Order.

The Serial Numbers window allows you to track the status of each Serialized Product in your Inventory (Available or Sold). AcctVantage also allows you to see the history of each item -- the date and amount of its purchase, as well as the date and amount of its sale.

1. Enable a Product to be Serialized

On the Product Info tab of the Product record, check the Serialized box.

2. Receive the items on a Purchase Order

Enter the Quantity to Receive and press the tab key. You will see a window to Enter Serial Numbers for each item received next.

3. Add Serial Numbers for each of the Received items

Click the blue + symbol to add each Serial Number manually. (See the next screenshot.)

3.1 Add each Serial Number

Enter the Serial Number and click Create to add it to the list. (This needs to be done for each Serialized item that you are receiving.)


  • Once you are finished entering Serial Numbers for each Received item you will continue processing the Purchase Order as usual.
  • You can also enable AcctVantage to generate Serial Numbers automatically for Serialized Products. Keep reading for details.
3.1 Add each Serial Number

4. Auto Serial Number Generation (optional)

Auto Serial Number Generation

  • Automatic: Check this box to enable AV to automatically generate and assign Serial Numbers when a Serialized Product is entered into Inventory.
  • Prefix: AV will prepend this to the beginning of each automatically generated Serial Number for the selected Serialized Product.
  • Suffix: AV will append this to the end of each automatically generated Serial Number for the selected Serialized Product.
  • Delimiter: AV will insert this between the Prefix and the number and/or the Suffix and the number.
  • Last number used: AV will start automatically generating Serial Numbers at the next number in sequence from the last number used.
  • Preview: Click this button to see what the Serial Number will look like based on what you've entered in the above fields. Note: At this point, nothing is Serial Numbers have been generated yet. (See next screenshot for example of Preview window.)

4.1 Preview the Auto Generated Serial Number

This is what the Preview button will display based on the info entered in the previous screenshot.

4.1 Preview the Auto Generated Serial Number

5. Receive items on PO

When you Receive items on a PO (while Auto Serial Number Generation is enabled), AV will assign Serial Numbers to each received item sequentially based on the Last Number Used as noted in Step #4.