AcctVantage ERP 2012 - Release Notes

This article will detail the contents of each new AcctVantage ERP release. You will see that most version numbers contain only a few minor fixes or targeted new features. We will announce a new release when major changes have been made or when we've built up a number of interim releases that warrant a release announcement.

AV 2012.0.5.5 - Release Date January 17, 2013

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: Cross-reference from AP Voucher to Check Register not working for Vouchers that use Payment Types.

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: Vouchers that use Payment Types were getting wrong sign on check register entries when Payment Type mapped to a checking account.

Document Attachment - Bug Fix: Short Description was not being saved on attached documents.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: When changing Quote to Order for marked lines only, kits were not being transferred to the order.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Kit lines were not retaining their 'Marked' status when saved.

Sales Orders - Change: Alert user if Sales Documents are locked when changing Status using Action Menu items.

Work Order - New: Utility to fix ready-to-post work orders that won't post.


AV 2012.0.5.4

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: Vouchers that use a non-AP Payment Type and pay PO Lines fail to post.

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: Vouchers that use non-AP Payment Types that map to checking accounts fail to create register entries when posted.

AV 2012.0.5.3

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: PO Lines were not reloading properly on an AP Voucher if the vendor was changed.

AP Voucher - Change: Default AP Voucher screen to PO Lines tab.

Choice Lists - Change: Update list management tools to allow retention of all user-modified list contents during upgrade.

General - Change: Stop saving 'Program Logs' to disk.

Product Class - Change: Allow any type of GL account to be used as Product Class 'GL Income' account, excluding accounts with a setup type.

XML Financials - Bug Fix: Fixed bug where Open Office could not open XML financial statements.

XMLImport - Bug Fix: XML import stopped working when 4D v12.5 changed how the DTD file is referenced.

AV 2012.0.5.2

Product - Bug Fix: Don't allow Quick Entry of a Product without a Product Name.

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: Vendor cost was not being copied to Purchase Orders created from Sales Orders.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Vendor Cost and Average Cost were not copied to kit components when saving a Sales Order

Sales Order - Bug Fix: On Sales Order fulfillment tab, totals at the bottom got lost in a recent update.

Sales Order - New Feature: Allow editing of Notes & Special Instructions on Posted Sales Orders.  This is a per User privilege; update the User Access Levels record to allow this option.

Window Management - Bug Fix: Problem with open window tracking related to the Dashboard.

AV 2012.0.5.1

General - Change: Move to 4D v12.5 from v12.3.  Note: Requires a new version of AV Client installed on each computer that connects to AcctVantage!

GL Import - Bug Fix: GL External Import monitor was reporting incorrect results for the import.

Global Replace - Bug Fix: On Windows OS, Global Replace screen had issue with field entry being invisible.

Quick Reports - Change: Revert previous restriction on printing Quick Reports. The bug has been fixed in 4D.

Vendor - Change: Fix label on Vendor price breaks. Said 'Client'.

AV 2012.0.5.0

AJE - Bug Fix: Using wrong form name when printing AJE journal after posting.

Email - New Feature: Windows OS now supports emailing Custom Form-based Sales Orders and POs.

Planner - Bug Fix: Editing a Client via the Planner was causing screen drawing issues on Windows OS.

Planner - Bug Fix: Some Planner features were not working in AV 2012.

Planner Tasks - New Feature: Lots of new custom fields on Planner Task detail form.

Printing - Use a unique file name when possible when single Custom Form printed to PDF.

Sales Master - Change: Memo field on Sales Master was too short.

Sales Orders - Change: Add an option for 'Print Order as Invoice, Order Qty' to the 'Sales Document Standard' report.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Required Ship Date was not being copied to Kit Detail records.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: For kit line items on sales orders, Qty Reserve 'Data Entry' was not always being reset properly.

AV 2012.0.3.6

Accounts Payable - New Feature: Streamline AP process.  Vouchers can now be queued for payment or even "paid" immediately.  Please refer to the lesson on vouchering.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Printing custom forms without print dialogs was not respecting the form's Page Setup.

General - Bug Fix: Fixed a dll error message affecting Windows clients on startup.

General - Change: Adjust largest screen size so it fits vertically on smaller displays.

Product Class - Bug Fix: Modifying Product Class does not always cause 'after' code to run.

AcctVantage ERP 2012.0.3.5 - Release Date November 2, 2012

General - Bug Fix: Fix scroll bar 'show through' problem in several places.

Sales Documents - Bug Fix: Emailing multiple sales documents could mix line items among the orders under certain circumstances.

Startup - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, you could see error dialogs during startup related to certain users.

XML Financial Statements - Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, formulas might not be processed properly, causing an error message.

XML Import - Bug Fix: XML import was using 'last, first' for Ship To client name under certain circumstances.

AV 2012.0.3.4

Custom Forms - Change: Upgraded to new version of PagePro (custom form engine).

AV 2012.0.3.3

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Print preview for custom forms on Windows OS was not working.

Jobs - Bug Fix: Working with Sales Orders via Jobs was causing inventory updates to be locked.

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: Make fields non-enterable on the Purchase Order line item detail screen except for the line memo.

Work Order - New Feature: You can now explode a posted Work Order.

AV 2012.0.3.2

Adjusting Journal Entry - Change: Add ability to re-order AJE detail using drag and drop.

Adjusting Journal Entry - Change: Maintain sort order on AJE detail when creating recurring and reversing entries.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Use helpful document names when printing a single Custom Form to PDF.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Suppress Dialogs for Custom Form printing was not working.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Print Preview for Custom Forms was not working on Windows OS.

Inventory Maintenance - Bug Fix: Fix rounding error on cost decimal places.

Job Cost - Bug Fix: Fix errors when importing and deleting labor items for a job.

Product Alias - Bug Fix: Fixed Product Alias import that had stopped working in AV 2012.

Product UM - Bug Fix: Fixed display filter on the Product Unit of Measure detail form to show full decimal precision.

Product/Assembly - New Feature: Added new 'location' fields used with Assembly construction. Fields located on Recipe tab of Product record.

Purchase Order - Bug Fix: Make sure quantity reserve is set to 0 when a purchase order is closed.

Sales Order - Change: Add Location column to Fulfillment tab of the Sales Order detail form.

Warehouse - Enforce assigning warehouse locations to inventory lots. Locations can be manually or automatically added.

Warehouse Transfer - Bug Fix: Fixed crashing bug if you clicked OK on a new, blank warehouse transfer.

Warehouse Transfer - New Feature: Allow inter-warehouse transfers between locations.

Work Order - New Feature: Add location-based tracking for drawing work order components and adding finished goods.

Work Orders - New Feature: Work orders can now auto-create sub-work orders for components that are assemblies.

AV 2012.0.3.1

4D - Change: Move back to 4D v12.3 from v12.4. Encountered XML import issues.

Checks - Bug Fix: Choosing 'reprint' during an AP check run was not bringing the reprint window back up.

Client/Contact - Bug Fix: The cross-reference from Contact to Client was not working properly.

Jobs - Change: Add cross-references between Job and Sales Analysis.

Jobs - Change: Add cross-references between Job Item and Sales Analysis.

Jobs - Change: Add cross-references between Job and Kit Analysis.

Jobs - Change: Add cross-references between Job Item and Kit Analysis.

Jobs - Bug Fix: The cross-references between Job and Sales Order was not considering kit-type line items.

Jobs - Bug Fix: The cross-reference between Job Item and Sales Order was not considering kit-type line items.

Jobs - Bug Fix: Kit-type sales order line items were not recording properly on the job item detail.

Product - Bug Fix: Pasting into assembly product fields was not retaining the pasted text.

Sales Summary - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, the client ID was not being recorded on sales order line items. This was causing issues for Sales Summary.

AV 2012.0.3.0

4D - Change: Move to 4D v12.4 for Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Quick Report Crash Workaround - Change: Force suppression of print dialogs for Quick Reports when using 4D v12.4 and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Was causing AV to crash.

AV 2012.0.2.7

Check Register - Change: Add ability to void unposted bank deposits to the 'Void check' action menu item on the Check Register list view.

Mac OS X - Change: Mac OS X Mountain Lion compatibility.

Scripts - Change: Update the plugin used to run AV scripts.

XML Financial Statements - Bug Fix: The recent change to stored document format needed to include stored XML Financial Report templates as well. Now it does.

AV 2012.0.2.6 - Release Date July 30, 2012

Navigation - Bug Fix: Some of the nav bar buttons were mapped to the wrong menu items.

Product - Bug Fix: Do not allow kit products to be deleted if the kit is on a non-void sales document.

Product MRP - Bug Fix: Switching from weekly to monthly MRP periods was not working.

AV 2012.0.2.5

Document Storage - Bug Fix: Fixed bugs related to the new way of managing stored documents introduced in the previous version.

Document Storage - Bug Fix: On Windows OS, saving stored documents on the server disk was losing the filename's extension.

Sales Document - New Feature: Add XML Import ID (read only) to Sales Document screen, Notes tab.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Sales Order tax surcharge fields could become enterable inappropriately.

XML Import - Bug Fix: XML import with more than 85 line items could cause error.

AV 2012.0.2.4

AR/AP Aging Reports - Bug Fix: Printing for a single Client/Vendor was not showing break header or break footer.

AR/AP Aging Reports - Bug Fix: AR/AP aging reports were not sorting by Client name/number.

Global Replace - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, Global Replace for kit components did not always replace all target components.

Inventory Lots - Change: Disallow creation of duplicate lot numbers for the same product in Inventory Maintenance and PO receiving.

Pictures - Bug Fix: Pictures were not loading properly if they were being stored on the server hard drive.

Sales - New Feature: You can now have sales line items on unassociated Credit Memos.

Stored Documents - Bug Fix: Stored documents were not loading properly if they were being stored on the server hard drive.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, saving a Work Order for a serialized product as Picked or RTP for a second time caused an error message.

AV 2012.0.2.3

MRP - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, Work Order draws on MRP could be inflated.

AV 2012.0.2.2

AR/AP Aging Reports - Agings as of historical dates were not showing correct amounts in the aging columns.

General - Change: Add Cmd-W/Ctrl-W keyboard shortcut to close windows.

XML Import - New Feature: Allow XML import of unassociated credit memos.

AV 2012.0.2.1

Maintenance - Change: Database Maintenance warning was not getting reset when the maintenance routine was run. Warning feature is now disabled.

Sales Summary - Change: Add a System Configuration option to turn the Sales Summary feature on/off.

Utilities - Bug Fix: The index check utility caused error messages under certain circumstances.

AV 2012.0.2.0

Contacts - Change: Modify the database relations between Contact, Email Address, Telephone and Client to make reporting easier.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, canceling a new order could cause AV to crash.

AV 2012.0.1.9

Checks - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, creating checks via the Check Register list view could bring in default check detail items improperly.

Checks - Change: Disable voiding checks via the List menu. It has been replaced with the Action Menu item 'Void Check...' on the Check Register list view.

Sales Summary - Bug Fix: Sales Summary was causing error message on the server under certain circumstances.

Serial Number - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, adding a serialized product to a document could cause an error message.

AV 2012.0.1.8

A/P - Change: A/P aging reports have been overhauled. New summary and detail versions are now implemented.

A/R - Change: A/R aging reports have been overhauled. New summary and detail versions are now implemented.

Purchase Orders - Bug Fix: Duplicating Purchase Orders was not carrying over the UM Qty field.

Sales Summary - New Feature: Sales Summary menu item and list view track sales details for each client and product.

AV 2012.0.1.7

Client Statement Email - Bug Fix: Emailed Client statement was including zero-balance documents.

Client Statement Email - Bug Fix: Emailed Client statement was including the Document Amount rather than the Document Amount Due.

General - Bug Fix: Several cosmetic field label issues were fixed.

General - Change: Allow windows to cover the AV tool bar on Windows OS so larger format window size will fit on smaller Windows OS displays (laptops, older displays, etc.).

General (Windows OS) - Bug Fix: On Windows OS, grid area scroll bars were showing through from previous screens, causing field entry to be erratic.

Quick Reports - Bug Fix: Saving Quick Report definitions was saving into the selected folder's parent, not the selected folder.

Stored Documents - Bug Fix: Launching stored documents was not working.

View Editor - Bug Fix: View Editor 'sum' function was not applying an appropriate format. Now uses the format specified for the column.

AV 2012.0.1.6

Inventory Usage Statistics - Change: Filter Warehouse Transfers from product average monthly usage statistics.

Purchase Order - New Feature: Added several new custom fields to Purchase Order detail.

Purchase Orders - New Feature: Lot Expiration Date is now available on the PO receive screen.

Work Orders/MRP - New Feature: Work Orders are now integrated with MRP.

AV 2012.0.1.5

AJE - Bug Fix: Creating a reversing AJE was not bringing in detail items correctly.

AP Voucher - Bug Fix: When duplicating an AP Voucher, the due date is not always being calculated correctly.

AR - Bug Fix: On the AR Detail form, hovering over the detail area caused the Memo text to disappear from view.

Credit Memos - Bug Fix: When creating an associated credit memo, the ''alternate lookup'' field for Client should not be enterable.

Credit Memos - Change: Add a field for Credit Memo Original Invoice Number to the detail form.

Document Storage - Bug Fix: Choosing the Documents menu item from the Tools menu caused error message. Detail form was also incorrect.

General UI - Bug fix: Fixed several cosmetic errors in the UI.

GL External Import - Bug Fix: GL External Monitor was not closing when the processing was done.

Job - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, creating a Sales Order via a Job could cause AV to crash.

Print Checks - Bug Fix: Posted GL Account Balance on Print Check screen was incorrect.

Product - Bug Fix: Product recipe was not getting saved properly if the only change to the Product was re-ordering the recipe components.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: User was not able to change the Sales Document level Warehouse when only blank line items existed on the order.

Sales Orders - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, sales tax was getting calculated incorrectly when an associated receipt was edited.

Work Orders - Bug Fix: When creating a WO from a Sales Order, the Product Recipe memo was not being copied.

AV 2012.0.1.4

Client -  Feature: Auto-assign Primary Contact when saving a Client with only one Contact.

Client - New Feature: Add Client list view call back method (Client_ALPCB_PrimaryContact) to display Primary Contact name in List View.

Serial Numbers - Bug Fix: Error message when receiving a serialized product.

AV 2012.0.1.3

Data Maintenance - Change: Restore the old export/import style data maintenance to have available as an option.

AV 2012.0.1.2

Client - Bug Fix: Fix error in Client look up.

Job - Bug Fix: Custom Alpha 45 field label did not stick after a restart.

AV 2012.0.1.0

General - Change: Explicitly set the Idle Connection Timeout database parameter to avoid client connections from dropping.

Purchase Order - New Feature: Added new custom fields to new tab 'Additional Info' on Purchase Order detail form.

Purchase Orders - New Feature: Purchasing Unit of Measure has been implemented.

Quick Reports - Change: Quick Report definitions may need to be updated in AV 2009 before converting to AV 2012.

Sales Master - Bug Fix: On the Sales Master screen, several grid areas had bad columns widths.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: On a Sales Order, when changing the quantity of a kit component the sell price was over written with an incorrect value.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: On a Sales Order, the tax amount was lost if you entered a payment via the Payments tab.

Sales Order - New Feature: Added filters on Sales Order list view for each of the five status values: Open, Committed, Picked, Packed & Shipped/Invoice.

Settings - Change: Add green 'push pin' button to several additional data grid areas to allow their column widths to be saved.

System Setup - Bug Fix: Generating the release notes via the System Setup screen was causing an endless loop.

Users/Groups - Bug Fix: AV was crashing when the User list view was opened if User Groups were defined.

Utility - Change: The Re-index Table utility now presents the table list in alphabetical order.

AV 2012.0.0.8

List View - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, a standard 4D input form was displayed instead of the appropriate AV input form.

AV 2012.0.0.7

List View - Bug Fix: Under certain circumstances, a run time error could appear when opening a list view.

Users/Groups - Bug Fix: AV was crashing when the User list view was opened if User Groups were defined.

AV 2012.0.0.6

- Bug Fix: Editing kit components through the sales order interface caused the component line memo to be truncated at 50 characters.

XML Import - Bug Fix: Importing kits was using the wrong values for kit component qty and price. Only showed up if more than one kit was ordered.

AV 2012.0.0.5

Quick Reports - Bug Fix: Fixed unicode character code reference that was causing errors with Quick Report parameters.

Work Order - Bug Fix: Add lot number column back to Work Order detail.

AV 2012.0.0.4

Adjusting Journal Entries - Bug: Line items were not being duplicated on recurring Adjusting Journal Entries.

Email - New Feature: SSL support on email.

Inventory Lot - Change: Added Lot Exp. Date to Inventory Lot pick list dialog.

OS Compatibility - Add Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion'

Payroll - Bug Fix: Payroll import was not recognizing Aatrix payroll import file.

Planner Task - New Feature: Seven custom alphanumeric and three Boolean fields with user-definable labels were added to the Planner Task detail screen.

Planner Task - New Feature: A user-modifiable choice list 'Task Type' was added to the Planner Task detail screen.

Posting Journals - Bug Fix: Fixed several posting journals that were causing error messages.

Purchase Orders - Bug Fix: Receiving multiple lots from the same PO line with user-entered lot numbers was causing errors.

Sales Order - Change: Add Lot Expiration Date to the Fulfillment tab on the Sales Order detail form.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: Converting Quote to Order was losing Quote line items under certain circumstances.

XML Import - Bug Fix: On XML import, kit component line memos were not being passed through properly.


AV 2012.0.0.3

Job Cost - Bug Fix: Choice list for Misc Job items, Category field, was not user modifiable.

Job Cost - New Feature: Integrated Job Commission and related Job changes into AV 2012 from AV 2009.

Work Order - Change: Add Lot Expiration Date to Work Order detail screen. Lot that gets created when the Work Order is Picked will have this indicated Exp. Date.

Work Order - Change: Work Order line items now allow total Qty used to be entered.


AV 2012.0.0.2

AR/AP Aging - Bug Fix: Aging document amount due was incorrect for documents with payments.

Client Statements - Bug Fix: Client Statement document amount due was incorrect for documents with payments.

Custom Forms - Bug Fix: Custom forms were not respecting Page Setup stored in the report definitions.

General - Bug Fix: AV was crashing intermittently when canceling a new record.

Utility - Bug Fix: Fix file name bug in the internal utility used to log events to disk files.

AV 2012.0.0.1

Sales Master - Bug Fix: Printing a Client Statement from the Sales Master list view caused problems saving client record changes thereafter.

Sales Order Printing - Bug Fix: Printing kits and components on orders where the same kit appeared twice was causing duplicate kit components.



AV 2012.0.0.0

OS - Change: Update OS Compatibility for 4D v12.x.