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  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2013

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  • Updated on: Jan 31, 2013

    Power Searches

    If the Quick Search, Filter By and Cross-reference tools aren’t enough to produce the desired records, the Power Search is a very powerful searching tool that gives you access to every table and field in the entire database. It also allows you to build (and save!) multi-line searches that can be used over and over again and even shared with other system users.

    Each of these search tools can be used independently to produce a list of records to work with. Also, you can combine these tools in a single search for a very focused result.

    In this article we'll look at creating and saving a Power Search that will display a list of Sales Orders that we Invoiced to our Widget Buyer Client for the last quarter of Fiscal Year 2012.

  • Updated on: Jan 30, 2013

    Receipt Posting Issues

    This error may be displayed when there is a problem with the Receipt associated with a Sales Order. Follow these steps to confirm and correct:

  • Updated on: Jan 04, 2013

    Export a List of Records

    In this lesson, we will describe how to export the records that you have found in a List View.  The export will contain the same columns you have enabled on the List View and the records will be in the same order (sorted) that you have on screen.

    Note: The Quick Report editor can also be used to generate an export. With the QR Editor, you can select columns/fields that are not on your List View and also perform many calculations.