How do I use the Free Freight Threshold feature?

The Free Freight feature is useful if you have a Vendor that agrees to waive your freight charges if your Purchase Order is issued for a certain value of goods.

For example, your Vendor might agree to waive the freight charges if you purchase $2,000 worth of inventory from them. This feature will tell you how close you are to realizing the free freight for Vendors that allow this.

1. Set Up the Vendor Record

  1. Navigate to Purchasing ➤ Vendors.
  2. Open the Vendor record that you want to change.
  3. Click on the Account Info tab.
  4. Enter an amount greater than 0 in the Free Freight Threshold field.

2. Issue the Purchase Order

2.1. Issue the PO part 1

Enter the Vendor Name on the PO and you'll see a notice in red pertaining to the Vendor's Free Freight Threshold.

In this case, the Vendor is going to waive the freight charge if we purchase $2,000 worth of goods.

2.2. Issue the PO part 2

Enter a line item that you will be purchasing. Notice that the message changes to display the amount still needed to be purchased in order to qualify for free freight.

2.3. Issue the PO part 3

Now we've purchased enough goods to qualify for free freight. You can see the message has changed to green to indicate that we've qualified for free freight.