Void a Purchase Event (unposted)

If you have received some Inventory items in error on a Purchase Order, then you may wish to reverse the effects on the General Ledger. This article will cover what steps need to be taken so that the effects of receiving against a Purchase Order are reversed.

There are 2 conditions that must be met for this to work:

  1. The original Purchase Order must not have been posted (NP).
  2. A Purchase Event must have been created. In other words, the original Purchase Order must be in Received (REC) status.

1. The Purchase Order window

  1. Open the Purchase Order window.
  2. Highlight the Purchase Order that you want to un-receive items from.
  • The PO must be in Received status (REC) for this to work.
  • Open the Purchase Event window.
  • Cross-reference from the Purchase Event window to the Purchase Order window.
  • You will now see all of the Purchase Receiving Events related to the selected Purchase Order.
    • These Purchase Events must be in Not Posted status (NP) for this to work.

    1.1. The Purchase Event window

    2. Void the Purchase Event

    1. Highlight the Non Posted (NP) Purchase Event.
    2. Go to the List Menu at the top of the screen and select Void or Delete.
    Void the Purchase Event

    2.1. Void the selected record?

    Confirm that you want to void the record and click OK to proceed.

    Void the selected record?

    3. The Purchase Event has been voided.

    The Purchase Event will now be in Voided status (V). The item(s) on the original Purchase Order will be set back to Open status. You can now receive them again or close the PO if the item(s) will not be received.