Add a Default Payment Type for Vendors

This lesson will describe how you can add default payment types for Vendors.  A payment type is used to indicate how you will "settle" the invoice with your vendor when entering an AP Voucher.


new for AV 2017_005 (Feb 2017)

Add a Default Payment Type on the Vendor record.

  1. Open the Vendor record and click on the Account Info tab.
  2. Locate Default Payment Type in the bottom right hand corner.
  3. Click the pull down menu and select from your established Payment Types.

Click OK to save.

Add a Default Voucher Account on the Vendor record.

Enter a Voucher for this Vendor...

When you open the new Voucher window and enter the Vendor, you will see that the Default Payment Type has been pre-selected. You may change the Payment Type at any point prior to posting the Voucher.

Enter a Voucher for this Vendor or...