Duplicate a Voucher

Do you have a recurring bill that you need to set up an identical Voucher each month for? If the answer is yes, then we have a streamlined solution for you!

1. Set up a Voucher to duplicate.

In this example I've created a Voucher to pay monthly copier maintenance bill.

2. Duplicate the Voucher.

  • This will create a Voucher identical to the one you first created except the Vendor Inv. No. will be blank. The various date fields will be updated with today's date as well.
  • The duplicated Voucher may be modified as needed.

2.1. Duplicate the selected Voucher.

Duplicate the selected Voucher.

3. Mark a Voucher as a Template

You can also make a Template Voucher that you can easily search for next time you need to make a duplicate.

4. Mark the selected Voucher as a template?

Mark the selected Voucher as a template?

5. Query for Template Vouchers

From the Filter By menu select Template and then click Find. This will pull up a list of all Template Vouchers so you can easily identify and duplicate the ones you need next time.