Enter a Voucher using Foreign Currency

*NEW feature for AV 2015*

This article illustrates a few of the differences in the Voucher screen as it relates to using the Foreign Currency (FC) feature. You now have the option to enter the Voucher amounts stated in either USD or a Foreign Currency (if you have FC's defined in the system.)

  • If you enter the amounts using a FC, the amounts in USD are still calculated and carried on the Voucher based on the Exchange Rate.
  • If you enter the amounts using USD and you have selected a FC, the FC amounts will automatically be calculated.
  • If you enter the amounts using USD and you do not have a FC selected, then FC will not be calculated.
  • General Ledger entries [that will be created when the Voucher is posted] will always be stated in USD regardless of whether or not a FC was used.


For the standard Voucher process see this article.

The Voucher Detail Screen

To enter a Voucher using a Foreign Currency:

  1. Select a Currency from the FC drop-down menu.
  2. Verify the Exchange Rate is correct.
    • The Exchange Rate is pulled from the FC definition. It can be changed here on-the-fly, if necessary, but it won't update the FC definition.
  3. Enter the FC Voucher Amount.
  4. Select the PO Line Items that you want to pay and enter the FC amount for each in the FC Adj Cost column along with any other Freight or Other costs.
  5. Click OK to save and post the Voucher as per your normal workflow.