Add a sortable Check Amount field to the Check Reconcile list view.

  1. Navigate to Administration View Editor.
  2. Find the View Definition for Check - Default, Check Reconcile.
  3. In the Available Fields section, find the Amount_Signed field and drag it down into the Current View Definition section.
  4. You're mostly finished at this point but there are a couple other things you can do:
    • In the screenshot below, there is a "calculated" field right above the Amount_Signed field (Check_ALPCB_Amount). This can be removed since it is redundant and it also can't be sorted or totaled. To remove this field, highlight it and click the Remove Column button at the bottom of the window.
    • With the Amount_Signed field highlighted, click into the Footer column if you want to add a Sum for the column.
    • At the bottom of the window, there are 2 open fields for you to change the Column Title and Format. For the Format, I like my negative numbers wrapped in parenthesis rather than a minus sign prefix. To do that, copy/paste this code into the Format field and press tab: ###,###,##0.00;(###,###,##0.00)
    • Note: You can also do all of this same stuff to the View Definition for Check - Default (i.e. the Check Register).
  5. Click Done to save your changes and you're all set!