Check Register overview

The Check Register allows you to keep track of the Checks you write as well as miscellaneous checking account entries.  There are three types of Checks within AcctVantage: AP Disbursement Checks, Payroll Checks, and Quick Checks.

  • AP Disbursement Checks cannot be manually created. They are created by AcctVantage when you mark a Disbursement for payment. For instructions on creating AP Disbursement Checks, see the article on how to Set Up and Print an AP Check Run.
  • Payroll Checks are created automatically when you import the payroll information into AcctVantage from your payroll program.
  • Quick Checks are the only kind of checks that can be created manually. These are checks that you can create and print (or hand-write) on the fly. Quick Checks do not have a Voucher created for them. A common use for Quick Checks is for payment to individuals or companies that are not set up as Vendors. Quick Checks allow you to pay anyone you wish and, unlike Vouchers, do not require you to enter the payee into the system. For instructions on creating Quick Checks, see the article on how to Enter and Print a Quick Check.
  • Other Entries (new AV 2018)

Open the Check Register window

Open the Check Register window

The Check Register

  • Ck No: The number of the check.
  • Post
    • P: Posted
    • NP: Not Posted
  • Account Code: The the GL Account Code associated with the checking account used.
  • Date: The date the check was written, in MM/DD/YY format.
  • Printed: The date the check was printed, in MM/DD/YY format.
  • Party or Memo: The person or company to whom the check was written.
  • Memo: A memo for the check, deposit or adjustment record. On a check record this will contain the Voucher ID.
  • Cleared On: The date that the check was marked as cleared and reconciled in AcctVantage.
  • Amount: The monetary value of the check, adjustment, or deposit.
The Check Register

A Check Detail record

Payable To

  • Party Name: The payee’s name.
  • Party Address: If a Vendor record exists for the party you entered, AcctVantage completes the address field.

Checking Account

  • Account Name & Code: The name and code of the GL Account on which the check will be drawn.
  • Real-Time Balance: The monetary balance of the checking account on which the check will be drawn.

Voucher Info

  • Voucher ID: The ID of the Voucher associated with the check. This will be "N/A" for a Quick Check since those are not created by Vouchers.
  • Amount Due: The amount to be paid with the check.
  • 1099: If selected, AcctVantage will keep track the payment for 1099 reporting.
  • Hand Write: Click here if you want to write the check by hand. AcctVantage will track the information but will not display the check in the check printing queue.


  • Check Number: AcctVantage automatically inserts the next  available check number in this field. You can change this number if you wish. AcctVantage will warn you if you try to use a number that has already been assigned.
    • Note that a Check Number is not assigned for "Other" style check register entries (AV 2018)
  • Check Date: The date that will be printed on the check. AcctVantage enters today’s date by default.
  • Status: NP if the check has not been posted. P + posting date once the check has been posted.

Disburse To

  • Memo: A description for the check.
  • Total Check: This field automatically adds all the amounts together, to render the value of the check.
A Check Detail record