Printing A Check With More Than 10 Disbursements

AcctVantage can be set up with one of the following AP Check printing options:

  1. Pay/print 1 Disbursement per Vendor per AP Check.
  2. Pay/print 10 Disbursements per Vendor per AP Check.
  3. Pay/print ALL Disbursements per Vendor per AP Check.


  • Regardless of which setting is in place: during the AP Check printing process, checks with 10 or fewer Disbursements will have the detail printed on each stub of the check form.
  • If option #3 is selected: when any check in the print queue contains 11+ Disbursements, then:
    • A separate Print Dialog will be presented to print Disbursement Detail (check stub data) on a separate form.
    • The Print Dialog is displayed after Checks have printed. Presenting a separate Print Dialog affords the User an opportunity to specify a different Printer or to exchange check stock for plain paper.
    • No stub detail will print on the actual check when 11+ Disbursements are paid on a single check. 
    • The Void and Reprint Checks window is presented after the Disbursement Detail Print dialog.