Searching in a List View window

For more details on each part of the list view, see this article. <-click this link

When you open a Window in AcctVantage, you will be presented with the List View. This layout provides all of the tools necessary to search for existing records, create new records, produce reports and generally perform any task necessary for that Window.

A note for technically-oriented people: Each AcctVantage Window (List View), represents a specific “table” in the database while each item in the List View is a “record.”

Quick Search Basics

The Quick Search drop-down menu gives you access to selected database fields for the screen you are currently viewing. Your Administrator controls which fields are displayed in this list (and the order in which they are displayed) so you can tailor your search to your needs. For example, in the Product screen you could search for Products using the Part Number as your criteria.

Once you’ve selected the field to search by, enter the criteria in the Starting and Ending entry fields. Using both the Starting and Ending will allow you to define a range of values to find matching criteria. You can use only the Starting criteria if a range is not needed. The more you enter into the search criteria, the narrower will be the resulting list of records.

If you are looking for a much more detailed method of searching tables in AV see the lesson on Power Searches.

In both the Starting and Ending entry fields, AcctVantage treats the criteria you enter as a “begins with” value. For example, if I search using the Part Number field and enter “mtb," AcctVantage will find every Product who’s Part Number begins with “mtb."

Note: For Date fields, you can use a pop-up calendar to select dates or type in a date using dashes, slashes or periods to separate month, day and year.

If you would prefer your list of search results to display all records that "contain" a string of characters rather than just those that "begin with" the string of characters, you can do that too. Type the "@" symbol directly before your string of characters (i.e no space between the @ and your search criteria.)

3. How to use the Filter By menu

The Filter By drop-down menu will apply specific criteria or logic to your search to help speed up a more complex search. For example, in the Product screen, you can apply a Filter to find all Products that are Assembly or Non-Inventory items. Each List View will have a unique set of filters.

4. How to use the Result buttons

Thus far in this lesson we've focused on creating a new list of Quick Search and/or Filter By results. There are other ways to manipulate search results using the Result radio buttons.

  • New List - This is selected by default in all list views in AV. With this option, a new list of search results will be generated every time you click the Find button.

Sometimes you might not want to discard your search results in favor of a completely new search. Instead you might want to do another search taking into account the records you currently have displayed.

  • Find Within - Use this if you want to search within only the records that are currently displayed. You can perform a Quick Search/Filter By which will display a list of records and then narrow down those results using Find Within to search only the current records.
  • Add To - Use this if you want to append more records to the current selection. This will keep the current selection and allow you to add to it. For example, say I wanted to find all Products where the Part Number begins with "mtb" and all Products that are Assemblies. I would first do a Quick Search (New List) for Part Number "mtb." Next I would do a Filter By (Add To) for Assembly. You can Add To as many different queries as you want.
  • Remove From - Use this if you want to eliminate some of the records from the current selection. For example, say I wanted to find Products where the Part Number begins with "mtb" but only those that are Finished Goods. I would first do a Quick Search (New List) for Part Number "mtb." Next, I would do a Quick Search (Remove From) for Product Class "Finished Goods." You can Remove From the current selection as many times as you want until there are no records displayed.