AcctVantage ERP 2019 Series - Release Notes

Included in this release are advances in web/internet browser access to the system, increased RAM capability (via 64-bit) and a long list of usability enhancements.

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

Please contact AV Support to schedule your upgrade.

AV 2019 & AV 2020 are built on 4D v17 ... this will require new 4D licenses if you're upgrading from AV2018 or prior.

AV 2019.1.9 (09/26/19)

Sales Orders - In certain situations, changes to Line Item custom fields were not saving.

AV 2019.1.8 (09/25/19)

Mobile - Inventory Adjust product lookup was returning multiple of the same product.

AV 2019.1.7 (08/29/19)

Shipments - In certain situations EasyPost insurance value would auto-fill to $100.

Shipments - In certain situations customs declarations could be duplicated.

AV 2019.1.6 (08/26/19)

Shipments - In certain situations insurance values would not be passed to EasyPost.

Shipments - When saving shipments from the Pick-Pack window, the Reprint and Void label options would not be available.

Shipments - Multiple Easypost Accounts are now supported. Click this link for info on setting up multiple EasyPost accounts.

Reports - Fixed formatting on GL Adjustment Journal

AV 2019.1.4 (07/15/19)

Jobs - Custom Lists in Jobs weren't saving.

Shipments - In certain situations the 'Reprint' button would be not be clickable.

Shipments - Default pre-defined package was not being set in new shipments.

AV 2019.1.3 (07/11/19)

International Shipping - Custom declaration error resolved.

Receipts - Credit Card Address fields were being blocked by a group box.

Shipping - Custom form labels re-enabled.

AV 2019.1.2 (06/26/19)

Custom Forms - New script hook for custom naming of printed/saved documents.

AV 2019.1.1 (06/11/19)

General - 'Print Preview' was not working on Windows.

List Views - 'Print List View' was not working on Windows.

Sales Document - 'OK & Email' was not working on Windows.

AV 2019.1.0 (06/05/19)

AvaTax - Bug Fix: Custom tax/surcharge Sales Tax amounts on Credit Memos were not always being calculated correctly.

Custom Forms - New Feature: A new Custom Forms reporting engine 'hmReports' has been implemented to eventually replace PagePro.

Inventory - Bug Fix: Disallow shipping qty from BO reserves if System Setup 'Exclude From Available > Exclude Backorder' is unchecked.

Inventory - Change: Inventory quantities can now have up to 10 decimal places of precision.

Multi Company - New Feature: Via a service project, it is now possible to merge two distinct instances of AV into a single instance with two companies.

Price Break - Bug Fix: Price Break names over 20 chars in length were getting truncated in some places.

Price Breaks - Bug Fix: Editing price breaks was problematic under certain circumstances due to a UI issue.

Sales Order - Bug Fix: During very fast keyboard data entry, the part number lookup could drop the last few chars of the part number that was entered.

AV 2019.0.4 (04/19/19)

Shipment - Voided shipments were not clearing the total freight charge.

Shipment - Bug Fix: In certain situations weight sent to EasyPost would use the previous package's weight.

Shipments - 6x4 label with stub: moved stub portion lower on the form.

AV 2019.0.3 (04/16/19)

Shipments - Bug Fix: Address verification was not returning results.

Shipments - Bug Fix: Connected scales were not reading into AV.

AV 2019.0.2 (04/11/19)

Shipment - Added support for multi-parcel shipments.

Reports - Bug Fix: Bill of Materials report was not printing correctly in Windows.

Credit Cards - Bug fix: In certain situations could not be reached to process credit cards.

AV 2019.0.1 (03/28/19)

Shipments - Fixed an issue that could causing crashing when processing shipments through EasyPost

AV 2019.0.0 (03/25/19)

AR Aging - The printed AR Aging report was cutting off some data.

AR Aging - The aging periods were not being retrieved from System Setup.

Cross Reference - General fixes.

Receipt - Non-AR items could not be modified.

Sales Document - When printing kits on an invoice, the components could be duplicated.

Windows OS - List views were causing AV to crash when the window was closed.

Windows OS - Some fonts were defaulting to 'wingdings'.

Work Order - Work Order processes were not being added to sub work orders and work orders created from back orders.

AV Server - Application is now 64-bit. RAM is no longer limited to 2GB.

-> CLICK THIS LINK for instructions on increasing the RAM used for cache.

AV Server - AcctVantage is now built using 4D v17.

-> CLICK THIS LINK for instructions on getting your licenses for 4D v17.

Quick Report Editor - New 64-bit interface in AcctVantage 2019

-> CLICK THIS LINK for more info on the QR Editor

Label Editor - New 64-bit interface in AcctVantage 2019

AcctVantage Mobile Server Monitor - The AV Mobile server monitor is no longer presented on the AcctVantage ERP Server.