AcctVantage ERP 2019 Series - Release Notes

AcctVantage 2019 is here!  Included in this release are advances in web/internet browser access to the system, increased RAM capability (via 64-bit) and a long list of usability enhancements.

In the release notes below, significant new features appear in bold type while CRITICAL CHANGES appear in red.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently running AcctVantage 2017 or earlier, please contact AV support to schedule your upgrade.

AV 2019.0.3 (04/16/19)

Shipments - Bug Fix: Address verification was not returning results.

Shipments - Bug Fix: Connected scales were not reading into AV.

AV 2019.0.2 (04/11/19)

Shipment - Added support for multi-parcel shipments.

Reports - Bug Fix: Bill of Materials report was not printing correctly in Windows.

Credit Cards - Bug fix: In certain situations could not be reached to process credit cards.

AV 2019.0.1 (03/28/19)

Shipments - Fixed an issue that could causing crashing when processing shipments through EasyPost

AV 2019.0.0 (03/25/19)

AR Aging - The printed AR Aging report was cutting off some data.

AR Aging - The aging periods were not being retrieved from System Setup.

Cross Reference - General fixes.

Receipt - Non-AR items could not be modified.

Sales Document - When printing kits on an invoice, the components could be duplicated.

Windows OS - List views were causing AV to crash when the window was closed.

Windows OS - Some fonts were defaulting to 'wingdings'.

Work Order - Work Order processes were not being added to sub work orders and work orders created from back orders.

AV Server - Application is now 64-bit. RAM is no longer limited to 2GB.

-> CLICK THIS LINK for instructions on increasing the RAM used for cache.

AV Server - AcctVantage is now built using 4D v17.

-> CLICK THIS LINK for instructions on getting your licenses for 4D v17.

Quick Report Editor - New 64-bit interface in AcctVantage 2019

-> CLICK THIS LINK for more info on the QR Editor

Label Editor - New 64-bit interface in AcctVantage 2019

AcctVantage Mobile Server Monitor - The AV Mobile server monitor is no longer presented on the AcctVantage ERP Server.