Additional, Project Based Services

The following services are provided at additional cost on a project basis. Each project is evaluated and will be delivered on an hourly or fixed bid basis depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

Services Provided by AcctVantage ERP

On-Site Service

Fixed bid Implementation services are provided via phone conference, email, and web cast. Your Project Manager, or other appropriate AV staff, can come to your site for additional training or to manage the “go live” stage of Implementation. On-Site services are billed per on-site day, plus 1 day for travel as well as actual travel expenses.

Form & Report Creation

Over 80 standard reports are included with your AcctVantage purchase. The majority of standard reports can be used as templates or modified to create customer specific versions. Reports can also be created ‘from scratch’ using one of the three available report editors.

If you prefer, AcctVantage staff will modify or create reports on your behalf as a service project.

Data Clean Up

If you are unable to provide import data using the supplied tab-delimited text file templates, AcctVantage staff may be able to format your data for you. Your Project Manager can provide an analysis and estimate for this service.

Additional Data Imports

In addition to the ‘Master’ records mentioned above, a number of AcctVantage tables/record types have import capabilities. Your Project Manager can provide estimates for each import.


Once an “Implementation Acceptance” has been signed, Implementation is considered complete. If you have a need to import additional (or correcting) data we can do so as a service project.

Feature Development

Often times during the course of Implementation we will identify a need for a minor (or sometimes major) feature request. Your Project Manager will gather as much information as possible regarding the business objective and create a ‘Feature Specification’ document. This document outlines exactly what is required. The feature spec is then turned over to Development staff for a project bid or estimate.


AcctVantage offers several training options to help get your staff up to speed. Training can be conducted in a classroom or 1 on 1 setting at your site or our site. Webcast training is also available. Your Project Manager will work with you to determine the best training approach for your operations.

Services Not Provided by AcctVantage ERP

Hardware & Network Setup

Your Project Manager will assist you with understanding our system requirements and will make hardware recommendations based on our experience, but we do not provide hardware purchase or set up services.

Accounting & General Business Practice Consulting

We provide consulting regarding the best use of AcctVantage and provide analysis of various scenarios, but do not provide general accounting or business practice consulting.