Implementation Service Scope and Definition

AcctVantage Implementation services are done on a fixed bid basis rather than an hourly billing approach. This document outlines what is included in that fee, as well as optional services that may be helpful to you.

Fixed Bid Time Limit

Beckware will provide unlimited support for the Implementation process for one full year from your original purchase under the fixed bid service fee. Most AcctVantage systems are up and running within 60 days; this time limit is necessary for the rare occasion when an AcctVantage client chooses to delay their Implementation for some reason outside of our control.

Project Management

An AcctVantage Project Manager is assigned to coordinate Implementation, staff training and launch of your AcctVantage ERP system. The Project Manager will work with you to establish a targeted “Go Live” date. Based on that date, the PM will construct a timeline and begin assigning tasks to ensure a smooth transition.

Implementation is a collaborative process. Your staff and the Project Manager are jointly responsible for planning, organizing and managing resources to accomplish the goal of a successful Implementation. The Project Manager is an experienced member of the AcctVantage team that will be an invaluable resource as you prepare data for migration and make decisions regarding best use of the software.


AV staff will work with you to understand the nature of your business, current processes and desired goals. Planning constitutes the bulk of time necessary for the Implementation process and is critical to a successful launch.

This planning takes the form of several webcast meetings and conversations where the Project Manager will lead discussion covering each module and process in AcctVantage. The discussion will focus on your workflows and goals and how to best utilize AcctVantage in your operation. Based on these conversations, your Project Manager will be able to configure AcctVantage for best results. These conversations may also result in suggestions for process improvement and/or optional service projects to add functionality to the system.

The importance of this consulting and your participation cannot be stressed enough. The actual import of data and installation of the software is secondary to a solid foundation of planning.

Setup & Configuration

An AcctVantage Data File will be created and configured according to the best-practice decisions made during the process. Your Project Manager will ensure that the various configuration options and settings are established in your copy of AcctVantage.

We will also assist with the installation of the software on your server hardware and setup of backup processes. Administrator-level training regarding server setup, upgrades, backup, and maintenance issues is considered part of the Implementation package.

Installation of Standard Reports

AcctVantage comes with many core reports (~80 standard reports). Your Project Manager will ensure that these reports are available prior to the “go live” date.

Included in the fixed cost implementation are modifications to the following standard forms/reports:

  • Sales Order/Invoice
  • Sales Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Check

Additional reports may be added to the system to support your operations. Your Project Manager will determine if the scope of the reports fits into the fixed cost Implementation service or if the reports require a custom project.

Master Data Conversion & Import

The Implementation service includes importing “master” records into the AcctVantage Data File. Your Project Manager will provide templates (tab delimited text files) for a number of record types. It is your responsibility to populate the templates with data from your existing system(s). Your Project Manager can often times provide insight regarding extracting data from your current system(s), but ultimately this task falls to you.

When you have completed the data import templates, your Project Manager will review each file for accuracy and completeness. Any oddities noted will be discussed prior to import. When the import templates have been completed, your Project Manager will load them into your AcctVantage Data File.

The following record types are included in the fixed bid Implementation service:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Client & Prospect
  • Vendor
  • Contact (Client/Prospect and Vendor)
  • Shipping Addresses
  • Product
    • Inventoried Items
    • Non-Inventoried/Service Items
    • Freight/Shipping Methods
    • Bill of Materials for Assemblies and Kits
    • Product Aliases
    • Price Breaks


  • Data import by necessity depends on the availability of exports from your current system(s). You must be able to provide data to us in a spreadsheet format where 1 row represents a complete record for import and 1 column represents a unique field. Your Project Manager can assist with this process, but ultimately the responsibility is yours to provide usable data for import.
  • In cases where data can be exported, but is not in a usable format, we may be able to write a program to reconstruct the data; this service is not included in the fixed bid.
  • Historical and Open Sales Orders and Purchase Orders may be available for import at additional cost pending  review of the exported data.

Training Data File

When the consulting and configuration process is complete, and master records have been imported, we will provide a data file for use in training. This data file will contain your company specific information and configuration. We will use this data set to refine the configuration choices that were made and identify any changes that need to be made.

We will also use this data file to train staff and as a “sand box” for you to get familiar with the system before “Go Live”.

“Go Live” with Beginning GL Balances, AR, AP and Inventory Detail

Once your ‘master’ records have been imported, and the system has been configured for best practice, it is time to “go live”. This is the final step in implementation.

As close as possible to your go live date, you will provide general ledger trial balance, detailed AR/AP and inventory balances in a specific tab-delimited text file format. Your Project Manager will prepare and post an import of this data in AcctVantage.

Immediately after posting the beginning balances, a trial balance, profit/loss statement, AR/AP aging, inventory valuation and balance sheet will be printed and compared to the import data provided. If the balances match, then the Implementation is complete and you can begin using your new system!

At this point, you will be asked to sign an “Implementation Acceptance” document.