Bulk Email

The Bulk Email feature allows you to send an email message (including attachments) to a selection of Clients, Contacts or Vendors.

To open this window navigate to one of the following modules and click Bulk Email: Sales, Purchasing, Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable. The Bulk Email window is the same regardless of which module you open it from.

1. Enter the Bulk Email information


  • From: This is the email address where the email will be sent from.
  • Reply To: If any recipient replies to the email this is the address where the reply will be sent.
  • To: Enter an email here if you would like to receive a copy of your own email.

Select Recipients

  • Choose from a list of your Clients, Contacts or Vendors (or a combination of all 3).
  • Additional Addresses: In this field you can enter any additional email addresses to which you want to send the email. (optional)


  • Setup Type: You have the option of sending the email via Text Only or HTML (both of which would be entered in the Message field) or you can Use Attachment as HTML body.
  • Send Options: You can either Hide Recipients or send Invidual Emails to each recipient.
  • Subject: This is the subject line that will display on the email.
  • Message: This is the body of the email. It needs to be either (1) plain text if you selected the Text Only option or (2) HTML code if you selected the HTML option.
  • Attachment: If you click into this field you can send an attachment along with the email. If you selected the Use Attachment as HTML body option then the attachment will be sent as the body of the email.
  • Send Single Test Email: This button will allow you to test the email function before actually sending the Bulk Email.
  • Send Bulk Email to All: This button will send the email per the settings you have completed.

2. Send this email...?

After you click the Send Bulk Email to All button you will see this confirmation dialog. Click OK to send.

Send this email...?

3. Create correspondence records...?

After you click OK you will see this confirmation dialog. Click Yes if you want to create a Correspondence record to be attached to the recipient's record.

Create correspondence records...?