About Bug Reporting

Class I bugs:

  • Corrupt data.
  • Cause a crash, and there's no work-around.
  • Cause inaccurate financial data to appear on a report.
  • Cause a transaction to stop, and there's no work-around.

Class I bugs are rare, but if one does come up, we go into an "all hands on deck mode" and do no other work until the bug is fixed.

Class II bugs:

  • Cause a transaction to stop, but there is a work-around.
  • Process error (i.e. runtime error dialog.)
  • Cosmetic, High visibility.
  • Cosmetic, Low visibility.

Class II bugs don't keep you from running the business, but it would be better if they were taken care of.

In the Tech Support vs. Consulting lesson, when we talk about "changing the priority of a Class II bug." This means taking something in the Class II category and getting it fixed right now. If you wait, it'll get fixed for free at some point. If you want it now, we can do it, but that's not free.